Loot System

Transparent Loot Sheet


Team Netherstorm Loot System

Loot Council Members:

Azare (Auroria), Zapphyre (Zerkon), Poofandgone, Vloka

General Information:

Team Netherstorm (TNS) uses a full loot council to make decisions on loot. They strive for transparency while making loot decisions that benefit both the individual raider and the raid group as a whole.

Progression or farm content may influence loot council’s decisions. If gear is needed in one area of the raid in order to help progression, adjustments will be made.

Loot decisions are final unless the person receiving the loot changes their position within that raid. We welcome feedback about loot decisions to help make better decisions in the future, however, raider feedback will not change past loot decisions.

Loot Factors:

Loot Council will utilize the following factors to make their decisions and publish a transparent loot sheet each phase. Note these are in no particular order of priority.

1. Role Priority: Main Spec > Flex > Bench* > Off Spec > Trial. Flex means players required by leadership to change specs for the benefit of the raid. As such, they are given priority over off spec. Bench raiders receive priority over off spec on main spec gear only. Main spec, flex, and bench loot decisions are at the discretion of Loot Council. Off spec is based on rolls, unless Loot Council determines the item is inappropriate for your class or spec.

2. Attendance: 80% or greater attendance is required to receive equal loot priority. Attendance is calculated from your first raid with TNS onwards. Both 10-man and 25-man raids contribute to attendance.

3. Performance/Contribution: This is not just parses or logs, although these are a factor. Do you show up to raid prepared? In the right PVE spec? Is all your gear enchanted? Do you have all your BiS consumes? Are you able to execute mechanics and strategies? Do you communicate when you need clarification?

4. Raider Wishlists (thatsmybis.com): All raiders are required to have an updated and class/spec appropriate wishlist at the beginning of each phase on thatsmybis.com. Leadership will provide a deadline for raiders to complete their wishlists each phase. Wishlists may be locked after this date. Raiders must also organize their wishlists in descending priority they want the items. In other words, the #1 item you want more than your #10. If a raider does not have a wishlist on thatsmybis.com, they may be over looked for certain loot pieces.

5. Priority Lists: Some items such as BTIs will have class and spec priorities as determined by Loot Council. These priorities are based on the impact that item has for that class/spec as well as how long that spec/class will use the item.

6. Size of Upgrade: Is this a side grade or a major upgrade? How much impact for the raid will this upgrade have?

7. Time Since Previous Loot: Loot Council strives to distribute loot equally when possible and will consider the length of time since each raider received loot from team runs. Note that simply having a long time since receiving loot does not guarantee you loot as the other factors are also considered.

*Bench Players:

Bench players can pick one of the following options:

1. Equal roll eligibility on all main spec items being rolled off or not LC'd (Refer to each teams sheet for which items are LC vs Roll)


2. Consumes provided (1 Flask and stack of mana pots for example)

Tier Gear:

While everyone can use tier gear, each token is better for some classes and specs than others. Wishlists must reflect this. For example, if the tier gloves are not your BiS gloves, but you still want them, they should be at or near the bottom of your wishlist. Raiders must put the token in their wishlist on thatsmybis.com, not the item it turns into. Loot Council will also consider the value of set bonuses.

10 Man Loot (Kara / ZA):

Loot in 10-man dungeons is Main Spec vs Off Spec excluding BTIs, unless Loot Council decides the item is inappropriate for your class or spec. Loot Council has final decision in 10-mans.

There is a 2 item limit for main spec and unlimited off spec. During progression, main spec has priority over off spec even if the limit is reached. A raider may also receive more than 2 pieces if no one else wants that item as it is preferable gear is used over disenchanted.

RCLC and thatsmybis.com are required for 10-man raids. Raiders may only roll on class main weapons until the other classes have them. For example, hunters receive prio on bows over rogues. Rogues receive prio on swords or daggers before hunters.

Ashes of Al’ar:

As a vanity item, we will use rolls to award Ashes of Al’ar with the following roll eligibility requirements.

1. A full team member for at least 30 days

2. Meet all Raider Expectations as outline in our Team Information – this includes: 80%+ attendance, having bis enchants/gems, coming to raid prepared with bis consumes/spec, knowledge of class and strats, general high execution and personal accountability, etc.

Please reach out to a member of Loot Council if you have any questions.