General Information

Welcome to Team Netherstorm!

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday 8:30pm to 11:30pm | Wednesday 8:30pm to 11:30pm

(Raid will extend a half hour past raid times IF a kill is near guaranteed based on majority vote)


Raid Leader: Azare (Auroria)

Co-Lead / Melee Lead: Terzetto (Prolyfic)

Assistant Lead: Boedrood (Boejangles)

Caster DPS Lead: Evelome

Healer Lead: Zapphyre (Zerkon)

Loot Council: Azare (Auroria), Zapphyre (Zerkon), Poofandgone, Vloka

Basic Information:

Loot System: Loot Council with RCLC &

Attendance: ≥ 80% Mandatory (excluding family/medical emergencies)

Consumable: These are expected for every raid, Progression and Farming

Professions: No mandated professions.

Required Addons:

1. RCLC for loot tracking

2. Method Raid Tools for raid notes

3. DBM or BigWigs

4. Details or Threat addon

5. HealBarsClassic or other appropriate healer addon

6. Pally Power or other appropriate class addon

Raider Expectations:

Team Netherstorm is a semi-hardcore raiding style. This means split raiding or extensive PTRing is not required. However, raiders must fulfill the following.

1. Raiders are expected to be online and in the raid group by 8:20 pm EST. (Raid invites start at 8:00 pm EST) Please advise leadership if you are unable to make invites by 8:20pm or we will fill from the bench.

2. Raid starts at 8:30 pm. This means you are online, zoned into the dungeon, ready to buff/consume and get going with the first pull.

3. Raiders must sign up for raids a minimum of 24 hours before raid. If you are unable to attend raid, please mark yourself as absent. Family or medical emergencies will not impact your attendance. Leadership will fill from the bench within 24 hours of raid.

4. High attendance is expected from raiders (≥ 80% mandatory). Attendance is calculated from your first raid with Team Netherstorm onwards. Both 10-man and 25-man dungeons will contribute to attendance precents.

5. Bench players receive attendance credit if they are online or available on discord at 8:20 pm in case we need to pull them in. Bench are also expected to be prepared for raids and meet these requirements.

6. Come prepared with all BiS class/spec consumes. This includes, flasks, guardian/battle elixirs, healing/mana pots, food, etc. This is expected for both progression and farm content.

7. Gear fully enchanted with BiS enchants and gems for your class/spec. The guild bank can help with enchanting material if mats are available.

8. Optimal PVE spec is required for everyone. Raiders may PVP if they wish, but must respect for raid days.

9. Knowledge of class. Each raider must understand their class, be able to perform appropriately for their class, and continually learn and improve with their class.

10. High execution and personal accountability are expected of each raider, especially on farm content. Everyone makes mistakes but you must take accountability for any lapses in judgement or strive to learn and improve from errors.

11. Knowledge of encounters. Our website has all the boss strategies. Every raider is expected to read and familiarize themselves with these strats.

All raiders including leadership are expected to adhere to these standards. Continually failing to do so could affect loot eligibility or jeopardize your raid spot.

Beyond those the team is planning on running close to meta and plans on pushing the game and each other to clear faster and execute better each week. We’ll attempt to increase efficacy each week and not fall into a state of complacency.

If there comes a time when leadership decides a change in strategy or professions is beneficial to the entire raid, we’ll figure a way to help facilitate that switch. We all want to keep this game fun, while pushing each other and ourselves to the best of our abilities.

If you have any questions, please reach out to leadership.