Void Reaver

The Void Reaver is an extremely easy and straight forward fight. First we will talk about the setup on pull and the position for the duration of this fight.

The Tanks, Melee, Healers and Ranged DPS minus the hunters will stack together and run in on pull. The Hunters will spread out to create equal distance between themselves, the exception is the single hunter that will line up behind where the Void Reaver stands after pull.

When we are ready to pull the Tanks will run in first and everyone very close behind! The hunters will MD a Tank, this will be the first tank in the 3 tank rotation of this fight. The final hunter will then run into position. Everyone but the hunters should be UNDER Void Reaver. Get personal!


  • Can NOT be taunted!

  • Melee: 3000-4000 physical damage

  • Pounding: 18 yard AoE with a 3 sec channel, 1350-2250 arcane damage per second. Has a 12 second cooldown.

  • Arcane Orb: An AoE dealing 7000 damage with a 6 second silence, and 3 sec cooldown. Targeted at a random raider at least 18 yards away from the Void Reaver. May target raiders within the minimum range if there are no other valid targets.

  • Knock Away: Knockback targeted at the highest on threat table, reduces aggro, and 30 sec cooldown. Can miss, be dodged, or parried to avoid the threat reduction.

  • Enrage: Hard enrage after 10 minutes.

  • Immune to health-draining effects like Drain Life, Siphon Life, and Death Coil.

  • Immune to poisons and mana drain.

  • Not immune to bleed effects.

Once Void Reaver is set into place the hunters biggest worry, aside from threat, is the Arcane Orbs. The sole purpose for the hunters is to lure them away from the raid. The Hunters should have no problem avoiding this skill. Its easily visible and should have plenty of time to move. The explosion is fairly large so be sure to give yourself enough room. If there is more than 4 hunters just be sure to be spaced evenly. After Arcane Orb hits the hunter that was targeted should then move back into position.

The next ability is heavily focused on the Healers. Pounding will cause arcane damage to all within 18 yards. CoH, PoH and CH will be vital against this ability.

The last ability and yet the most important to watch for is Knock Away. This ability is cast on the raider with the highest threat, knocking them back and reducing their threat. He will immediately switch to the next person on the threat table, and it better be a tank! The next tank in line will then turn the Void Reaver back around into the original tanked position. The tank that got Knocked Away must get back up to 3rd threat. This can be helped with MDs placed on the last tank. This will repeat during the entire fight. Rinse and repeat the tank rotation until he meets his demise!

This fight is highly dependent on pumping as hard as you can WHILE STAYING BELOW ALL 3 TANKS AT ALL TIMES! If this can be maintained throughout the duration of the fight along with the hunters dodging the Arcane Orbs and its a sure win!

  • Always aim to be Top 3 Threat.

  • Turn him around when you regain threat.

  • Watch your threat!

  • Do NOT be top 3 threat.

  • But make sure to PUMP!

  • Everyone but Hunters should stand under Void Reaver.

  • Hunters avoid Arcane Orb.

  • Heal those butts off! Or in some cases trunks!

  • Stack with rest of raid under Void Reaver.