Bloodwarder Vindicator

  • Flash of Light: cannot be interupted

  • Cleanse: Dispels magic effects on it's allies

  • Hammer of Justice: Stuns a single target

These pulls need to be pulled back to avoid pulling pats or other groups.

Tank far away mobs that are CCd

Bloodwarder Legionnaire

  • Cleave

  • Whirlwind

  • Can be CC'd

Star Scryer

  • Mind Control: Not dispellable. CC affected players.

  • Starfire: AoE dealing 2k damage per tick.

Sheep away from rest of group.

Kill Prio: Last

Bloodwarder Squire

  • Flash of Light heal: cannot be interupted

  • Hammer of Justice

  • Can't be CC'd

Bloodwarder Marshal

  • Whirlwind

  • Can't be CC'd

Tank away from squires.

Whirlwind will 1-shot melee.

Tempest Falconer

  • Fire Shield: 600 damage per tick to melee. Can't be spell stolen or purged

  • Can't be CC'd

Pheonix-Hawk Hatchling

  • Immolation: Fire damage. Hit very hard.

  • Wing Buffet: Knockbacks all melee in range.

  • AOE silence: 4 seconds. Can be dispelled.

Phoenix Hawks

  • Charge: Deals damage to players around the charged target.

  • AOE Mana Burn: Casts every 10 secs. Shadow damage, can be resisted.

Stack on backs to avoid charge.

Tank in a corner for tanks to avoid knockbacks

Crystalcore Devastator

  • Pats throughout the entire hallway

  • Melee Knockback

  • Has a special counter mechanic.

  • Counters Melee attacks for 2k

  • Counters Ranged attacks for 4.5k + silence. Seems to be random casters.

Crystalcore Sentinel

  • Melee Knockback

  • Overcharged Arcane Explosion: When it emotes or when it's hands start to glow, GET OUT. Similar mechanic to the Arcatraz Sentinels who suicide explode when it gets low.

Overcharge can be spell reflected!

Crystalcore Mechanic

  • Heals the crystalcore mobs near it. Cannot be interupted.

  • Sawblades: 3k damage + a 3k bleed to random players.

  • Can be banished

  • Cannot be stunned.

Should be Banished ASAP

Kill Prio: Second to Last

Tempest Smith

  • Buffs the crystalcore mobs near it.

  • Bomb: Incapacitates players hit by it, dropping aggro.


Kill Prio: Last

Astromancer Lord

  • Mind Control: Cannot be dispelled. CC affected players.

  • Dragon's Breath: Drops aggro on players affected. Frontal cone.


Has random abilities

  • Rain of Fire

  • Blast Wave

  • Fire Shield

Kill Prio: First

Apprentice Star Scryer

  • Arcane Missile

  • Arcane Buffet: debuff to raid increasing arcane damage taken by target

  • Can be CC'd

Nether Scryer

  • AOE mind control: CC affected players.

  • Can't be CCd

Crimson Hand Inquisitor

  • Mind flay

  • Shadow word Pain

  • Power Infusion

**Not sure if Power Infusion can be spell stolen or purged

Crimson Hand Centurion

  • Arcane Flurry: (spins around dealing huge AOE arcane damage similar to Botanica).

  • Cannot be stunned

  • Can be CC'd to interupt.

Keep CC'd

Keep away from Vindicator

Crimson Hand Blood Knight

  • Hammer of Justice

  • Cleanse

Crimson Hand Battle Mage

  • Blizzard.

  • Frostbolt Volley

  • Cone of Cold