Al'ar is the first fight in Tempest Keep. Its a two phase fight that will focus on the raids mobility. The fight will require 4 tanks. 3 of which that will run atop the platform tanking Al'ar and the 4th collecting the adds on the main floor.

There are 6 possible positions for Al'ar to stop at during phase 1. Each tank will be responsible for 2 of those positions each. Melee may run around on the platform chasing Al'ar. Ranges and Healers on the other hand will stay on the main floor moving with Al'ar.

Before we initiate the fight, we will want to get setup in the correct positions and go over the basics for Phase 1. Below is the initial starting position of the raid and which positions each tank is responsible for.

When the fight has initiated, Al'ar will ALWAYS start on platform 1 and then move randomly after that. Its advised that Tanks and Melee DPS stand on the edge of the upper level to receive any heals.

Roughly after 30 seconds Al'ar will begin to change his position. This is random and there is no knowing exactly where he will move. Ranged and Healers will then follow Al'ar to his new position and the corresponding tanks will meet him to his new perch. If the next tank isnt close to his next spot in time, Al'ar will then cast Flame Buffet causing fire damage and a stackable debuff increasing fire damage.

Example: After he starts on platform 1 and then proceeds to move to platform 3, the tanks move into position and Ranged / Healers follow Al'ar.


Both Phases

  • Flame Buffet: A raid wide stackable debuff that's applied every 1.5 seconds. Deals 2000 fire damage and increases fire damage taken by 10% per stack. Debuff lasts for 10 seconds. Casted when there is no melee target in range.

  • Embers of Al'ar: Summons smaller versions of himself.

  • Charge: Charges an enemy, inflicting ?? damage and stuns the opponent for 3 sec.

Phase 1

  • Flame Quills: Will sometimes fly to the center of the room focusing on the platforms and outer parts of the ramps dealing roughly 8000 fire damage per second for several seconds.

  • Ember Blast: Dealing 8700 to 11250 Fire damage to all raiders within 0 yards and a 15 yard knockback. (Al'ar explodes upon "death" ending phase 1 of the fight)

Phase 2

  • Rebirth: 4000-6000 Fire damage to all enemies within 0 yards with a knockback

  • Dive Bomb: 5000 fire damage and spawns 2 Embers of Al'ar. Has a 30 second cooldown. Much like all Meteor ability mechanics, damage is divided up between all affected targets. Al'ar will then use Rebirth immediately after each Dive Bomb.

  • Flame Patch: An AoE placed at the feet of a random raider dealing ~3000 fire damage per tick and applies a debuff similar to Flame Buffet.

  • Melt Armor: The targets armor is reduced by 80% for 60 seconds on a 60 second cooldown. Melts the target's armor, reducing it by 80% for 1 min. Tanks must taunt ASAP

  • Berserk: Hard enrage 10 minutes after the start of phase 2. Increasing attack speed by 150% and all damage by 500% for 5 min.

Ember of Al'ar

  • 70,000 health.

  • 1500 physical damage.

  • One is spawned after each position change in Phase 1, and two are spawned after each Dive Bomb in Phase 2.

  • Each time one is destroyed, Al'ar's health is drained by 2% of max health.

  • Ember Blast: Deals 8700 to 11250 Fire damage to all raiders within 0 yards, knocking them back. (used on Death)

  • Can be stunned.

During each position change Al'ar has a chance to use an ability called Flame Quills. Noticeable when he flys high up in the center of the room. All Melee and Tanks must jump off the upper platform immediately!! Following Flame Quills, the 2 tanks responsible for platforms 1 and 4 should be ready to get back into position. Al'ar will always retreat to platforms 1 or 4 after using Flame Quills. Its advised for Ranged and Healers to move slightly to the center to be ready to go to either side of the room. After each Flame Quill he will also spawn 6 Embers of Al'ar, which the tank responsible for will pick up. These adds are of no importance during Phase 1 and should be ignored until Phase 2. Repeat the following until Al'ar is dead, but stay away as he dies as he will use Ember Blast!

Psych! After his death in Phase 1 he will use the ability Rebirth in the center of the main floor! Everyone should be outside of the center circle to avoid damage. Phase 2 has now begun and the remainder of the fight will be held on the main floor. The MT will take charge and the rest of the adds may be killed at this point, but be warned that each add has a mini Ember Blast. Roughly every 30 seconds he will cast his Dive Bomb ability. When this occurs, EVERYONE MUST STACK. The effect of this ability is much like every other Meteor ability in the game. Snake traps can also help in the distribution of damage if its been triggered before hand. After it hits EVERYONE MUST RUN AWAY FROM THE IMPACT POINT IN THE SAME DIRECTION! Because immediately after Dive Bomb he will have "destroyed" himself causing him to Rebirth.

After his Dive Bomb he will summon 2 Embers of Al'ar that the OT will pick up. They can be killed here or held till after Al'ar is dead. This all depends on the Raid Leaders call and the over all speed of the fight. An ability that the 2 Main Tanks of this phase must watch for is Molten Armor. When Al'ar casts this ability the other tank must Taunt instantly or it may cause the death of the prior tank. In the mix of everything in Phase 2 everyone must also watch out for Flame Patch. An ability placed at an individuals feet in a small AoE effect dealing 3000 damage per tick and is increased per debuff received.

Phase 2 recap! Stack for Dive Bomb! Move as a unison group AFTER Dive Bomb hits! Tanks taunt Al'ar when Molten Armor is cast on the other tank. Rinse, Repeat, Kill Al'ar for good!

  • Get to Al'ar's position ASAP

  • Sit at edge of top floor to get heals.

  • OT hold adds for P1

  • Avoid Flame Quills.

  • P2: Jump down and collapse with rest of raid.

  • P2: Stack for Meteor. Avoid Dive Bomb.

  • P2: Avoid Flame Patch.

  • P2: OT Hold Adds and avoid Ember Blast when they die.

  • Move with Al'ar to continue DPS.

  • Melee avoid Flame Quills.

  • Avoid Ember Blast if adds are killed.

  • Melee jump down and stack for Phase 2.

  • P2: Stack for Meteor.

  • P2: Avoid Dive Bomb.

  • P2: Avoid Flame Patch.

  • P2: Kill adds when announced.

  • Move with Al'ar to heal tanks.

  • P2: Stack for Meteor.

  • P2: Avoid Dive Bomb.

  • P2: Avoid Flame Patch.

  • Keep OT alive.

  • HEAL!