Rage Winterchill

First! Something to note about all boss encounters inside Hyjal. Before encountering each boss there are 8 waves of mobs that must be defeated. If we wipe during the waves we will need to start from the first wave. If we wipe during the boss...You must started from the first wave.

After 8 Waves of Trash the first boss Rage Winterchill will make his move. Everyone should proceed to spread out as the tank brings him to the center of the arena.


  • Melee: Roughly 3k on plate.

  • Frost Nova: 3k damage plus 6 sec AoE freeze. Dispellable

  • Frost Armor: Exactly like a mages Frost Armor, reduces movement and melee attack speed after melee hits.

  • Icebolt: Instant cast on a random target dealing 4200-7000 frost damage plus a freeze debuff which also deals 2500 damage per tick for 3? seconds. Certain Death! Use PVP Trinket to live. Mages use Ice Block (and blink ???), Pallys can Bubble.

  • Death and Decay: A 20 yard AoE centered on a random target with a 10 second duration. Deals 15% of the maximum health per second.

  • Enrage: 10 minutes enrage timer.

The biggest ability to worry about at the start is his Frost Armor. This will impair the tanks ability to generate threat quickly at the start, so DPS please be mindful at the start of the boss.

His next ability to watch for is his Frost Nova. Its good to dispell this on ALL melee in case a Death and Decay is cast upon them or someone close enough to included the melee in its range. While on the topic of Death and Decay. It makes a feint discoloration / reddish hue on the ground. Its hard to see sometimes and may need visual settings turned up higher to clearly see. Or if you are still having trouble to turn on a colorblind mode.

Next we have the final and biggest ability Frost Bolt. I hope by now everyone has farmed up their PVP trinket because it is a life saver! Due to how fast the damage is taken from this ability it is extremely hard to catch a heal and live through it. The PVP trinket will prevent the tick damage from Frost Bolt if fast enough.

And that's the fight! Be mindful of Death and Decay, use your PVP trinket and pray you do not get targeted a second time, and don't die!