Kaz'rogal is one of the most mana intensive fights and will take mana management to a whole new level.

Positioning is simple and follows the past 2 bosses. The MT will tank Kaz'rogal near the hut with Thrall. During this fight Thrall will help and can actually finish the fight if Kaz'rogal is low enough when everyone dies.


  • Melee: 3000-6000 on plate. Can be disarmed?

  • Cleave: 7-8k on plate to all melee in a frontal arc, divided up among targets. Instant ability. DOES NOT replace his melee swing.

  • War Stomp: 15 yard AoE, 1700-2500 damage plus 5 second stun.

  • Cripple: 20 yard range. Increases time between attacks by 75% and movement by 75%, in addition to reducing Strength by 75%. Lasts 12 sec.

  • Mark of Kaz'rogal: A debuff inflicted on all mana users in the raid. Drains 600 mana per second for 5 sec. If mana is reduced to zero by the debuff, the debuff is removed and the target does 10,213 to 11,287 shadow damage to himself and all nearby allies. Resistible but not Dispellable.

The number 1 reason for wipes is due to the inevitable doom from Mark of Kaz'rogal. This ability is cast 45 second after the encounter has started. Each Mark is cast 5 seconds earlier than the previous cast. First mark at 45 seconds, Second at 1:25, Third at 2:00, Fourth at 2:30, Fifth at 2:55 and so forth. This is a DPS race before the Mark becomes unmanageable for the mana users.

Everyone should be buffed with Shadow Protection and anything else that can help with resisting the debuff. Mages can Ice Block BEFORE the buff goes out and Paladins can Divine Shield. Hunters can use Aspect if the Viper to help with their mana consumption. Its a huge help to use any food, flasks, and oils with Mp5 to help mitigate the mana strain. Mana pots should be used on CD this entire fight.

When you run out of mana when Marked you will explode and damage everyone who is close to you. To mitigate this damage, if you are below 3k mana, you should run out of the raid to a place you wont harm a fellow raider. Prot paladins will need to run out way in advance due to their low mana pool. Warlock should resist using life tap as it puts added strain on the healers. Soul stones, Ahnks, and Bres are slightly useless in this fight as you will be far from the mana needed to survive a Mark. It can be used more strategically, immediately after a Mark, to pump extra heals/dps before dying again to the next Mark.

His last two ability are minor to the fight. Melee don't stand in front of Kaz'rogal and healers keep melee alive through War Stomps.