Azgalor is an easy fight as long as you can manage the Doom ability.

He will be tanked in the same spot as Kaz'rogal and an OT will be set up in the back of the raid to pick up the Doomguards.

The challenge to this fight is managing Doom. When the debuff is received you have 20 seconds left to live. During these 20 seconds you will need to make your way to the OT and stack with them. Pump as hard as you can during your last moments of life. After you die a Doomguard will spawn in your place. IF you performed this mechanic correctly the tank will be right there to pick it up. At this point ALL RANGE must nuke the Doomguard down! You may also die near the Tauren Warriors, a bit further past the OT, to aid in the Doomguards demise.

A great way to help combat the lose of players early is to set a Soul Stone rotation. When a player gets Doom a warlock is called to place a SS on that player. Shamans can be excluded due to having Ahnk, if available. Druids can also help with Bres if SS wasn't placed in time or ran out over the coarse of the fight.



  • Melee: 7000 - 9000 on plate. Can be disarmed?

  • Rain of Fire: 15-yard AoE cast on a random target within 30 yards. Lasts 10 seconds and deals 1600-1900 fire damage every 2 seconds. Targets inside the AoE for more than 2 seconds receive the debuff Unquenchable Flames which deals 1250 resistible fire damage every second for 5 seconds. Fire Bad

  • Howl of Azgalor: 5 second zone-wide AoE silence with 15 second cooldown. Can be resisted with shadow resistance.

  • Cleave: Frontal Cleave ability, hitting up to 5 targets for his melee damage dealing upwards of 10k damage.

  • Doom: Cast on a random target within 100 yards every 45 seconds. The target dies after 20 seconds and spawns a Lesser Doomguard. Cannot be resisted or removed. Unavoidable

  • Enrage: 10 minute enrage timer.

Lesser Doomguard

  • Health: Roughly 300

  • Melee: ~2.5k on plate

  • Thrash: Chance on successful melee hit to gain two extra attacks.

  • Cripple: Debuff slowing movement and attack speed by 50%,

  • Warstomp: Short range AoE dealing 1250 damage plus 2 sec stun, 15 sec cooldown.

The next ability we will worry about is Rain of Fire. This can be troublesome as it can be cast on top of melee. This will result in Azgalor being kited out of the fire. Coordination MUST be clearly communicated between the Tank and the Melee when moving Azgalor out of fire as his Cleave will make quick work on the melee DPS. Its theorized that unless there are multiple targets in front of Azgolar, he will not cleave. This will need to be tested.

Back to the case of Rain of Fire. Its suggested that he be kited from side to side when needed to avoid getting any closer to the OT. Getting closer to the OT will cause him to be within range of Rain of Fire resulting in issues of Doomguards being picked up or DPS'd.