Brutallus is a straight foward fight with very high damage. The raid will split into 2 groups, one in front and one behind, in order to split Meteor Slash damage. Each group will soak 3 Meteor Slash, then the other tank will taunt after Brutallus uses Stomp. Tank need to be vocal about taunts to prepare healers.

Everyone should spread 3-5 yards within their group to avoid spreading Burn. When you get the Burn effect make sure to move away from other players to prevent spreading the debuff and go to the designated Burn zone to avoid taking additional damage from Meteor Slash. Assigned healers will need to focus Burn targets in the last 30 seconds as they will take high damage.

Brutallus goes Berserk after 6 minutes.

Brutallus Video Guide - Click Here


  • Meteor Slash: Deals 20000 Fire damage split between enemy targets within 65 yards in front of Brutallus. Increases Fire damage taken to all targets affected by 75%.

  • Stomp: Deals 18850 to 21150 damage and reduces the targets armor by 50%. This ability removes the burn effect.

  • Burn: Deals increasing Fire damage over 60 seconds. Spreads to nearby players. Move to Burn Zone and avoid others.

  • Berserk: Increases Brutallus attack and movement speeds by 150% and all damage he deals by 500%. Grants immunity to taunt.

  • Tauntable. No Crush

  • Must have over 20k hp

  • Taunt swap every 3 Meteor Slash + 1 Stomp

  • Vocalize taunts for healers

  • Watch threat

  • Spread 3-5 yards

  • Stay away from others with Burn

  • Move to designated Burn zone to avoid Meteor Slash

  • Ice Block, Divine Shield, and Cloak of Shadows removes Burn

  • Spread 3-5 yards

  • High damage on Stomp and Burn targets

  • Raid damage on Metero Slash

  • Stay away from others with Burn

  • Move to designated Burn zone to avoid Meteor Slash

  • Divine Shield removes Burn


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