The Lurker Below

Lurker himself only requires a single tank, and assigning an OT is only necessary in case something were to go wrong, like MT dying. The MT will want to position themselves with their back against the pillar to prevent knockbacks. Healers will want to stand at the very outer edge of the platform and melee on the very inner edge. Ranged are able to spread out across the 3 little platforms.

Time to Fish!!! In order to begin the fight raiders with 375+ fishing must cast into the "Strange Pool". Once he surfaces the fight begins. Those that were fishing must remember to re-equip their main hands and off hands!! Phase One will last for 2 minutes and is fairly straight forward. There are 3 Abilities to watch for.

Spout is the biggest ability everyone MUST dodge! Getting hit by this ability will launch the raider 60+ yards away most likely resulting in death due to the Scalding Water. The ability will always start at the tanks location. Ranged and Healers should jump in the water to avoid this. Melee can do the same thing by running slightly forward into the water or they can run around the platform.

Whirl is another troublesome ability. The tank must avoid this and get back in range ASAP. The tank can also move into the water before a Whirl resulting the knockback to place the tank back onto the platform and within range. When there is no one in melee range of Lurker, he proceeds to use the deadly ability Water Bolt.

Geyser is the last ability and is completely random. Only thing is to try to maintain distance from fellow raiders as it hit all within 10 yards of the target. There isn't much the ranged can do on the small platforms.


Scalding Water: Not an actual ability but the water surrounding the Boss Arena will damage the raider for 1000 damage per tick while in the water.

Phase 1 Abilities

  • Melee: 4k physical damage on plate.

  • The Lurker cannot move from his pool. He will never aggro players outside of melee range if 1 melee is within range.

  • Water Bolt: 9-11k, 1 sec cast and has a random target. This ability is only used when there are no melee in range.

  • Whirl: 3-4k Physical damage with a 5 yard knockback to all raiders within melee range. Occurs every 18 seconds AND immediately after Spout completes. Pets receive damage but no knockback.

  • Geyser: 3-4k Frost damage ability targeted at random raiders. Hits all other raiders within 10 yards of initial target, as well as a 10 yard knockback.

  • Spout: 3-4k Frost damage repeatedly with a 60+ yard knockback. He shoots water from his mouth at his current target and slowly rotates 360+ degrees in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Spout occurs every 45 seconds in Phase 1. Lurker also uses Spout immediately after re-emerging from Phase 2. Does not affect pets.

Phase 2 adds

Coilfang Guardian:

  • 70k Health

  • Melee: 6k-7k on cloth

  • Arcing Smash: 5k-9k damage in a frontal cone

  • Hamstring: Reduce movement speed by 70% for 10 sec

Coilfang Ambusher:

  • 26k Health

  • Melee: 2k-3k on cloth. Can be tanked by anyone. More armor the better though.

  • Multi-Shot: Ranged attack on up to 3 players for 2-3k damage on cloth

  • Seem to have no aggro table

Two minutes are up! Lurker submerges and calls for help, spawning 3 Coilfang Guardians to the main platform and 2 Coilfang Ambushers to each small platform for a total of 9 adds. The guardians will have actual tanks. They can be brought close together but shouldn't be stacked due to their cleave. We have 60 seconds to deal with the adds before Lurker resurfaces. The adds have a static spawn placement. Tanks and traps can get set up before they come. The adds are immune to all damage and abilities till they have "set" in their spawn locations.

Once they are set each platform is responsible for clearing the adds that spawn there. Mages may use Polymorph, warlocks can fear lock an add, hunters with freezing traps. Healers may need to show caution at the start of this phase with the possibility of pulling aggro from an add on the small platforms as they will bug out the fight and evade all abilities. If this occurs the healer may need to swim out to the platform.

The adds that spawn only replace those that have died. This means if we CC 3 of the 6 ambushers in phase two and kill the other 3, when phase 2 comes for a second time around only 3 ambushers will be spawned. This also entails keeping those 3 ambushers CC'd during the entire fight.

After 60 seconds of Phase Two, Lurker will resurface and immediately cast Spout. After that all mechanics follow the same timers as previously stated. Repeat Phase One and Two until Lurkers demise!

  • Hold Threat.

  • Avoid Spout.

  • Pick up adds when he submerges.

  • DONT jump while swimming in the water unless you are getting out.

  • Spread out as best as you can.

  • Ranged DPS keep 1 add CC'd and kill the other.

  • Melee kill Guardians, stay behind them.

  • Avoid Spout.

  • DONT jump while swimming in the water unless you are getting out.

  • Stay spread out.

  • Heal.

  • Avoid Spout.

  • If you pull an add from island you must swim out there.

  • DONT jump while swimming in the water unless you are getting out.