Coilfang Hate Screamer

  • Melee

  • Cant be CC'd

  • Arcane Blast - Targets a random player and deals 5000 damage in a line.

This and the next 2 mobs are grouped together.

Stack them up, face away from raid and nuke.

Kill Prio: First or Second.

Serpentshrine Sporebat

  • Melee

  • Charges random ranged target.

Stack up behind to prevent charge. A hunter can bait the charge by standing out of the group.

Kill Prio: First or Second.

Coilfang Beast-Tamer

  • Melee

  • Cleaves

  • Enrages the Sporebats

Face away from raid.

Underbog Colossus

  • Patrols,

  • Can do any of the following (like Anubisath Sentinels in AQ, its random):

Option A

  • Rampant Infection: Does 3k damage then jumps to another random player within 10 yards.

  • Spore Quake: 2k nature damage every tick for 12 seconds. Everyone should run out.

Option B

  • Acid Geyser: 2k nature damage over 10-12 seconds. Targets random player. Should stay spread out and avoid standing in the spit.

  • Parasite: 2k DoT and spawns a parasite with 1 health after DoT falls off and moves to a new host. Will spawn more parasites if target dies from DoT.

Option C

  • Frenzy: Hunters shout Tranq this.

On Death Abilities (1 of the following)

  • Toxic Pool: ~2k nature damage a tick if you stand in it. Bright green cloud on the ground. Stay out.

  • Two Colossus Lurker: Nothing special just tank it.

  • Loads of small adds: Tanks pick them up and DPS burn them.

  • Refreshing Mist: Blue mushrooms that regenerates 9-11 health and mana every 2 seconds.

  • Nothing

The Colossus is normally alone and pats.

Tank it and be ready for each option and handle it accordingly.

Hunters Tranq when needed.

Targets of Spit make sure to avoid standing in it along with those in range.

Coilfang Shatterer

  • Melee

  • Shatter Armor: 3 second cast, Warriors can Spell Reflect.

This and the next 3 mobs will be grouped together. Just like the previous adds.

Stack them up and face away from raid.

Kill Prio: After Pristess

Vashj'ir Honor Guard

  • Melee

  • Execute: will use if under 20% health.

  • Frenzy

  • Knockback

  • Mortal Strike

  • Intimidating Shout: place Fear Wards and Tremor Totem

Face away from the raid group.

Kill Prio: Third

Coilfang Priestess

  • Healer

  • Can be CC'd and Stun locked

  • Single Target Heal

  • Holy Fire: single target

Kill Prio: First

Greyheart Technicians

  • Melee

  • Can be CC'd and Stun locked

Kill Prio: Last

Coilfang Serpentguard

  • Melee

  • Can tank more than 1 at a time.

  • Cleave

  • Spell Reflect

  • Armor Reduce Aura

  • Cant be CCd

This and the next 4 mobs will be grouped together. Just like the previous adds.

CC nether mages, stack the rest.

Greyheart Skulker

  • Melee

  • Can kick spellcasts

  • Can be CCd

Grayheart Nether Mage

  • Can be CCd

  • Can be either Fire, Frost or Arcane spec

  • AOE volleys

These should be CC'd away from the rest of the group.

DO NOT let the CC break until ready to kill.

Does insane raid wide damage.

Kill Prio: before Lurker (second to last/last)

Greyheart Tidecaller

  • Chain Lightning

  • AoE Silence

  • Poison Shield: procs when struck

  • Elemental Totem: Elemental dies when totem dies

Dispel Poison Shield!

Kill Totem!

Kill Prio: First

Serpenshrine Lurker

  • Summons mushrooms that blow up. Stay away from them.

Kill Prio: Banished / Killed last

Coilfang Fathom-Witch

  • Shadownova knockback - 3k AOE

  • Single Target random Shadowbolt

  • Mind Control: CC affected players

  • Threat wipe

Kill Prio: Kill First

Tidewalker Depth Seer

  • Healer

  • AoE Heal

  • Single target HoTs (can be purged)

All the following Murlocs pat in a pack.

Kill Prio: Second

Tidewalker Shaman

  • Totems

  • Chain Lightning

Tidewalker Warrior

  • Cant be CCd

  • Can be Disarmed

  • Frenzy

  • Cleave

  • Threat Wipe

Kill Prio: First

Tidewalker Hydromancer

  • Can be CCd

  • Casts Frostbolts on random targets

  • Frost Nova

  • Frost Shocks

Greyheart Shield-Bearer

  • Can be CCd

  • Casts Avengers Shield

  • Charges random players

Face away from raid.

Stun lock.

Kill Prio: Possibly CC and kill last