Morogrim Tidewalker

Morogrim Tidewalker starts in the center of the room. For this strat we will be pulling him up the ramp for the duration of this fight. Its possible to sneak behind him to make this process easier. A hunter will MD Morogrim to a tank which will proceed to position him behind the top pillar on the right side of the door. The Ranged DPS and Healers will stand close to the pillar on the other side, leaving room in the center in front of the doorway.


  • Melee: 3000-5000 physical damage on tanks.

  • Tidal Wave: A Frontal arc attack with a 35 yard range and a 2 second cast time, dealing 4000-5000 frost damage and reducing attack speed by 400%. The debuff lasts 15 seconds.

  • Watery Grave: Teleport 4 players under the waterfalls. Dealing ~6000 damage after 6 seconds, some may take falling damage. Has a 50 Yard range and a 30 sec cooldown. Raiders close to the watery grave target will also take damage.

  • Earthquake: 3000-4000 damage. 45-60 sec cooldown. 50 yard range.

  • Summon Murlocs: After each earthquake, summons 2 packs of 6 murlocs. They have roughly 17,000 health and deal anywhere from 800-1400 physical damage.

  • Summon Watery Globules: At 25% he will stop casting Watery Grave and begin summoning Watery Globules. 4 will be summoned, one from each grave spot, they will move towards a focused player and explodes for 4000-6000 damage on impact.

One to Two healers will be setup on the ramp either part way down or at the bottom. The job entrusted to the healer(s) to to top off the victims of Water Grave as they run back up the ramp. Watery Grave will be cast roughly every 30 seconds. They will take initial damage and then be flung up in the air taking falling damage. The other deadly ability is Tidal Wave. At the start of the fight DPS may need to be easy if this is casted early on. This ability will make it harder for the tank to build threat. There shouldn't be any worry about this ability if no one pulls aggro. So a kindly reminder: Watch your threat!

After roughly 45 to 60 seconds he will use the ability Earthquake. This will damage the entire raid. This event will also summon a total of 12 murlocs, 6 from each entrance of the room. As this happens hunters should place frost traps all over the top platform, so when they are tripped, will cover the entire area. Healers may need to show caution when topping off their fellow raid members as they will pull murloc aggro. 2 Tanks should be ready to pick the murlocs up when they storm the room. Paladin Tanks are amazing for this. One at the top of the ramp and the other at the doorway the raid is standing near. The healer(s) with the job of Watery Grave may want to hold healing until the murlocs are picked up at the top of the landing. Once the murloc tanks call for AoE they will be gathered around the butt of Morogrim and should then be taken down. In the off chance the murloc tank(s) get sent to the Watery Grave you should stop all dps on the murlocs! until the tank can regain aggro.

These events will continue until Morogrim Tidewalker drops to 25%. At this point he will stop casting Watery Grave and begin to use Watery Globule. Instead of being sent to the grave the Watery Globules will chase down a raid member. If a Watery Globule gets close to the raid an OT should jump out to burst the bubble before it reaches the rest of the group. During the 25% health transition the tank will reposition Morogrim and the ranged and healers will follow suit. The tank will drag him further back into the corner. The Ranged DPS and Healers, this included the Watery Grave healer(s) as he wont be casting that ability anymore, will tuck in around the corner next to the doorway. Murlocs may still come during the last 25%. With everyone stacked up it will make gathering the murlocs easier for the tanks. Depending on Morogrims health, it may be called to finish off Morogrim before the murlocs.

Congrats!! Morogrim is dead!! Time to move on to the lady of the house, Lady Vashj.

  • Hold Morogrim in desired locations.

  • OT pick up adds.

  • Watch threat at the start and through the duration of the fight.

  • Keep note if Murloc Tank is Watery Graved.

  • AoE Murlocs when called for.

  • Stack in corner for Phase 2.

  • Keep Watery Grave raiders alive and topped.

  • Careful after Earthquake when Murlocs spawn

  • Stack in the corner for Phase 2.

  • Tanks will take lots of damage.