Leotheras the Blind

Before we get started on the strat, the success to defeating this boss is watching your threat. It all depends on whether you can stop attacking during the correct moments. This not only goes for DPS but Healers as well. Releasing a "Girthy" heal at the wrong time can mean imminent doom. Now, onto what we are all here to read!

As we approach Leotheras there are 3 Greyheart Spellbinders channeling to keep him banished. Before the fight starts the 3 Spellbinders must die. The only spell to be aware of is Mind Blast and should be interrupted. When we start the encounter we will keep the Spellbinders stacked. During this time everyone should work on spreading out and getting into position for the boss fight. There is no rush to killing these mobs and no cooldowns are needed here.

When the last Spellbinder dies, Leotheras will be released from his banish. At this point the MT will pick him up and drag it to the center of our "Circle" while the grouped up range close the gap. Now that the real fight has started the first skill to watch out for is Whirlwind. This is cast every 15 seconds while in Human Form. Melee should take extreme caution and run out of range early. As he Whirlwinds everyone should run in the opposite direction. The plan here is to have most of his time chasing his targets. Getting hit by this ability will result in death as everyone is running away to avoid getting hit, you will receive roughly 3000 damage PLUS a dot ticking for 2500 per tick.

Once Whirlwind has ended, it is a complete threat wipe!!!


Failure in not doing so will result in death and we WILL know. After threat has been re-established, everyone may go back to their rolls. Assigning a hunter to MD once Whirlwind is finished could help tremendously!

After the MT grabs aggro Leotheras may not be back in his original position. To make things easier everyone should adjust to reform the circle around his current position. The exception to this is if he ends up at a wall at the end of his Whirlwind. He would then get dragged to the center of the room.


  • Leotheras has 2 forms he will regularly switch between. Human Form lasting roughly 45 seconds and Demon Form roughly 60 seconds. Complete threat wipe during each transition.

  • At 15% health, Splits into both Human and Demon Form

  • Berserk: Hard enrage timer of 10 minutes after becoming active.

Humanoid Form Abilities

Melee: 2500-3000 on plate

Whirlwind: Randomly selecting a target lasting for 12 seconds dealing ~3000 damage and applies a 15 second bleed dealing 2500 per tick. If target is too far away he will select a new target to chase. 15 second cooldown and resets threat after the ability is finished.

Demon Form Abilities

Chaos Blast: An AoE ability with a 2 second cast dealing 150 fire damage. Applies a 45 second debuff increasing fire damage by 1650. Stacks to 20.

Inner Demon: Summons an Inner Demon for up to 5 raid members roughly 25 seconds into Demon Form Phase.

  • 11,000 health

  • Melee: 1000

  • Shadow Bolt: ~3500 damage. Reflectable

  • Receives increased damage from arcane, nature, and holy spells.

  • Receives reduced damage from shadow and fire spells

  • Able to be CC'd. Daze, stun, disorient, fear and banish. Don't use banish!!

  • Failure to kill your inner demon within the allotted time will result in becoming mind controlled for 10 minutes.

Greyheart Spellbinder

  • ~345,000 health

  • Mind Blast: ??

  • Shock: ?? Interrupts the caster, silencing for 6 seconds.

Roughly 45 seconds has passed and now Leotheras will show his demonic side! As he turns into a Demon he will get a new set of skill and RESET HIS THREAT TABLE. Once again all DPS should stop immediately and the healers should restrain as much as possible to throw out tons of heals. The Warlock thats tanking should be going hard to gain threat as fast as they can. Meanwhile, everyone else should distance themselves from the Warlock as he will get hit by Chaos Blast, an AoE spell casted on the highest threat. For an imperfect scenario the picture below will depict Leotheras in a random position due to some instances he will go into Demon Form immediately after a Whirlwind. This alone will create the tanked position to be different every time.

Demon Form also comes with an ability called Inner Demon. This ability will be cast roughly 25 seconds into Demon Form and selects up to 5 raiders as his targets. The ability will give the raider a debuff and create a shadowed demon that the individual must kill within 30 seconds. Aside from receiving the debuff it can easily be noticed by the "tether" linking the raider and the shadowy figure. They have roughly 11k health and shouldn't be much trouble, even for healers. They have a weakness to arcane, holy and nature spells. They also have a resistance to fire and shadow spells. Failure to kill your Inner Demon will cause you to become mind controlled at the end of the 30 second kill period for 10 minutes, also marking the time for Leotheras to go back into Human Form. You must kill your own demon! The raid leader will have 2 options at this point for those that are mind controlled. Kill those who are MC'd or CC them. Either decision can be influenced by how much time is left in the fight. Demon Form is the best time to use CD's since there is no running from his Whirlwind. It will also help when killing the Inner Demons.

Its now time to go back to Human Form and with it... yup... you guessed it!!! A THREAT WIPE! Once again DPS and Healers are asked to mind their P's and Q's! We all saw Phase 1 and how simple it is. Watch out for Whirlwind and dont forget about the threat wipe that comes after it. The fight is extremely easy and is highly dependent on avoiding Whirlwind, the threat wipes, and killing your demons! Repeat both Forms consistently until he reaches 15% health.

At this point there is some RP an then he splits into both Human and Demon Form. Everyone should Ignore the Demon Form while the Warlock picks it up for the remainder of the fight. Once the Tank has threat on the Human Form all DPS should focus it down! Once his Human Form dies the fight is over!

  • Try to keep Human Form centered.

  • Build threat quick.

  • Kill your Inner Demon.

  • Pull Human Form away from Warlock after split.

  • STOP DPS during Form changes.

  • Stay spread out.

  • Kill your Inner Demon.

  • STOP DPS during Form changes.

  • Avoid Whirlwind.

  • STOP DPS during Form changes.

  • "YES"

  • Kill your Inner Demon.

  • Stop Healing during Form changes.

  • Stay Spread out.

  • Avoid Whirlwind.