Lady Vashj

The final boss of SSC! And let me state, she is a tough cookie! This fights success highly depends on each individual to carry out their roll throughout the duration of the fight.

Phase 1 is more or less a Tank 'n Spank. Everyone should spread 8 yards from one another to avoid collateral damage from Static Charge. Melee receiving Static Charge MUST run out of the group. Entangle is annoying and the tank should get Blessing of Freedom ASAP. If failed to do so Lady Vashj will run out of melee range and proceed to cast Multi-Shot. Shamans should keep Grounding Totem down at all times during Phase 1.

Before we pull, lets talk about positioning. To make the transition into Phase 2 smoother we will get half way set up at the start of Phase 1. Another note, those positioned behind Lady Vashj can easily get there by walking around the bottom of the platform before the pull.

Once Vashj reaches 70% health she will run to the center of the platform and activate her shield generators, initiating the start of Phase 2. At this point everyone should get into their Phase 2 positions.

This is by far the hardest part throughout SSC and requires the most teamwork! All Ranged DPS will be assigned a quadrant; North, South, East, and West. It will be your responsibility to kill the Enchanted Elementals and the Tainted Elementals. The Enchanted Elementals will spawn continuously and every 50 seconds a Tainted Elemental will spawn from 1 of the spawn points. If an Enchanted Elemental reaches Lady Vashj, she will gain a 5% increase in damage.

The Tainted Elemental's position MUST be called out when spawned, as the Tainted Core drops from these mobs. The Tainted Elementals also have to DIE ASAP, they will despawn after 15 seconds! The Cores are used to destroy Lady Vashj's shield generators. Upon picking up the Tainted Core, you will no longer be able to move. The core must then be passed to a nearby raider all the way up to the shield generator. This should take roughly 3 passes to achieve. With 2 Ranged assigned to a side, 1 should loot the core while the second stands at the top step of the platform. Once the last raider is close enough to the pylon they should use the core destroying the shield generator. A simple macro to pass and inform those who have the core is found below.

/use Tainted Core



/script SendChatMessage("!!!YOU HAVE THE CORE!!!","Whisper","common",UnitName("target"));


Lady Vashj

Can be taunted.

Phase 1 & 3

  • Melee: 3000-4000 and up to 6000 crushing.

  • Shoot: Ranged attack dealing 4000-5500 damage, used on main target if target is not in melee range.

  • Multi-Shot: Ranged attack hitting a target and 4 surrounding raiders dealing 6500-7500 damage.

  • Shock Blast: instant cast dealing 9000 nature damage with a 5 second stun to her current focus. Can be soaked by Grounding Totem.

  • Entangle: An AoE entangling everyone within 15 yards for 10 seconds dealing 500 damage per tick. Can be removed with Blessing of Freedom, Shapeshifting, and PVP trinkets.

  • Static Charge: debuff dealing 2000 damage per tick to its target and all within 5 yards for 15 sec.

Phase 2 and Adds

  • Forked Lightning: Randomly targets deals 2300-2600 nature damage in a frontal cone.

Enchanted Elemental

Spawn continuously from the water at the foot of the stairs during phase 2.

  • Health: 7500-8000

  • Immune to frost damage, snares and CC.

  • Slowly moves towards Lady Vashj and increases her damage output by 5% if it reaches her.

Tainted Elemental

Every 50 seconds, one Tainted Elemental spawns instead of an enchanted elemental.

  • Health: 7500-8000

  • Poison Spit: Randomly targets dealing 1900-2200 nature damage placing an 8 second debuff dealing 2000 per tick.

  • Immune to frost effects and damage

  • Does not move

  • Despawns after 15 seconds

  • Drops a Tainted Core when killed

Coilfang Elite

Every 45 seconds one Coilfang Elite spawns in the area on top of the stairs.

  • Health: 175,000

  • Melee: 4500-5500

  • Cleave: Frontal cleave dealing 6000-8000

  • Immune to Fear

  • Tauntable

Coilfang Strider

Every 60 seconds one Coilfang Strider spawns on top of the stairs.

  • Health:175,000

  • Melee:4500-8000

  • Mind Blast: 2300-2800 shadow damage

  • Panic Aura: 8 yard AoE Fear every in game tick, has a 4 second fear duration.

  • Tauntable

Phase 3

Persuasion: Lady Vashj will gain the ability to MC up to 3 raid members.

Toxic Spore Bats

Slowly start to spawn at the start of Phase 3 but steadily increase over time.

  • Toxic Spores: Spits poison on the floor dealing 3000 nature per tick.

Due to RNG of the Tainted Elemental spawn, it could take more than the previously stated 3 passed to reach the next generator. This scenario is illustrated below.

Next, we will discuss the kiting and killing of the adds that will spawn at the top of the platform. The first Elite we will encounter roughly 45 seconds into Phase 2 will be the Coilfang Elites. The tank should pick them up and tank them in the center of the platform. They have moderate health and should be focused down first. DPS should stay behind the Coilfang Elites due to their cleave.

The next Elite we encounter, Coilfang Strider, spawns ever 60 seconds after the start of Phase 2. An Elemental Shaman will pick these adds up and kite them. Frost Shock is a huge threat generator for shamans and also helps in slowing down the mob. The Coilfang Strider should be kited between the center circle and outer ring of the platform, as shown above. This is due to their pulsating fear, Panic Aura. Everyone who is able should cast DoTs on the Coilfang Strider. Useful tools to aid in kiting: Netherweave Nets, Paladin stuns, Slow from Mages, CoEx from Warlocks, and druids may root.

During the entirety of Phase 2, Lady Vashj will randomly target raiders and cast Forked Lightning. An ability that will cause damage in a front cone in the general direction of her target. Once the last Tainted Core is obtained it may be held until the Coilfang Elites or Striders are killed or close to death. Once the final shield generator is destroyed it end Phase 2.

Phase 3 is essentially a DPS race. Lady Vashj will have all her same abilities as in Phase 1, so everyone should maintain a 8 yard separation, Grounding Totems should be dropped, and Blessing of Freedom catsted on the Tank when Entangled. Added to her previous abilities she gains 2 new skills, Persuasion and Toxic Spore Bats. When a raider is MC'd DO NOT KILL.

Toxic Spore Bats will slowly start to spawn, we will ignore these adds. They will spit down Toxic Spores that cause an AoE effect on the ground. This is easily noticeable by a bright green sludge on the ground. MOVE OUT ASAP! This ability will easily kill you, so stop all casting and move out! As Phase 3 progresses more and more Toxcic Spore Bats will spawn casting more and more sludge. Its a race against time. Killing Vashj before we run out of room to kite her around the Toxic Spores.

Clean up the kill and Congratulations on a successful full clear of SSC!

  • P1: Hold Lady Vashj and repick her up ASAP after Entangle.

  • P2: Quickly pick up Coilfang Elites and keep them inside the inner circle.

  • P3: Keep yourself out of sludge puddles from Toxic Spore Bats.

  • P1: Spread out.

  • P2: Follow individual rolls.

  • P2: Be vocal if its needed while passing Tainted Cores.

  • P2: Make sure adds are dead before P3.

  • P3: Much like P1. Stay spread out.

  • P3: STAY OUT of poison!

  • P1: Spread out.

  • P2: Follow individual rolls.

  • P2: Be ready to pass Tainted Core.

  • P2: Keep MT and Coilfang Strider Tanks alive.

  • P3: Spread out and stay out of poison.