Fathom-Lord Karathress

Fathom-Guard Tidalvess

  • Health: 862,000

  • Abilities: Windfury Weapon, Frost Shock dealing 5400-6600 Frost damage. High Burst Damage

  • Totems: Summons one of the following:

  1. Spitfire Totem: 25,000 health, 1 min duration, attacks 5 raiders within 45 yards for 2550-3450 Fire damage. Ignores LoS

  2. Poison Cleansing Totem: 4000 health, removes 1 poison effect from Tidalvess every 5 seconds

  3. Earthbind Totem: lasts 45 sec. reduce movement speed of nearby raiders by 50%

Fathom-Guard Sharkkis

  • Health: 855,000

  • Multishot: 2000-3000 damage to 3 raiders.

  • Leeching Throw: Random target with mana. Burns 525 health and mana per tick, 12 second duration.

  • Hurl Trident: roughly 1500 damage to a random target.

  • Summon Pet: Summons a pet to aid him. The Sporebat has a knockback reducing tanks threat.

  • The Beast Within: Random cast. 18 second duration increasing his damage by 30% and the pet damage by 50%

Fathom-Guard Caribdis

  • Health: 860,000

  • Water Bolt Volley: A 45 yard AoE dealing 2775-3225 Frost damage.

  • Healing Wave: Single target heal for 20-30% of the targets health. 15 second cooldown. Ignores LoS and range. Interruptible

  • Tidal Surge: An AoE freezing everyone within 10 yards for 3 seconds. Cast every 10–15 seconds.

  • The Whirlwind: Random Cast. Starts near her and slowly moves around the room. Deals no damage, but throws the raider in the air for 3 to 9 seconds and places a debuff greatly increasing cast time.

Fathom-Lord Karathress

  • Cataclysmic Bolt: Randomly targets a raider that uses mana, dealing 50% of target's max HP in shadow damage. Has a knockdown and a stun. 6 second cooldown.

  • Melee: Pretty weak but increases up to 6000 when buffed with The Beast Within.

  • Sear Nova: An AoE dealing 3,000 fire damage to all in melee range. Cast every 20–60 seconds.

  • Blessing of the Tides: If Karathress reaches 75% health while any of the three adds is still alive, he gains Blessing of the Tides, increasing both cast time and attack speed by 66% for each add still alive (triple damage output with 3 adds up)

  • Enrage: Hard enrage after 10 minutes.

Before we get started on Karathress we will first have to deal with his lackeys. On pull the hunters will MD the adds to the appropriate Tanks and they will then drag them to their positions. Tidalvess and Sharkkis will be tanked together at the top left pillar in the room. Caribdis will be brought to the right southern pillar and Karathress can be tanked where he stands.

Kill Priority

  1. Tidalvess(shaman) - Skull

  2. Sharkkis(hunter) - X

  3. Caribdis(priest) - Square

  4. Karathress - Moon

The first add to be disposed of will be Tidalvess the shaman. He has potential to cause high burst damage! Healers should keep heals on the Tank at all times. From time to time he will place a Spitfire Totem, this will be everyone's priority to kill ASAP!! If let go it will cause a high amount of damage! Once Tidalvess is dead, Karathress will gain the ability to place down Spitfire Totems! At this point Karathress can be brought over to the rest of the group and remain there for the remainder of the fight. Everyone should now be focusing on our next target, Sharkkis. Don't forget to focus Spitfire Totems!!

After Tidalvess Dies

After Sharkkis Dies

Sharkkis doesn't hit too hard unless he is under the effect of The Beast Within. An ability that increases not only his attacks but his pets attacks as well. The same tank should also try to pick up his pets. Healers should pump heals during this time. After he is dead, Karathress will gain the ability to use The Beast Within. Most healers should now be focused on Karathress Tank.

Ranged DPS should now be running over to the last add Caribdis. Avoid the Whirlwind ability, though it does not do any damage is greatly increases cast time and lifts you in the air for a few seconds. Her heals should also be interrupted. She also has an ability called Tidal Surge. Its a 10yard AoE that freezes the raider. No one should be close to her other than the tank.

During this time most of the melee should stay with Karathress to focus on the remaining Pet adds and Spitfire Totems. Karathress is NOT to reach below 75% health before ALL adds are dead!

Once Caribdis is killed, Karathress gains her ability Tidal Surge. Everyone may now focus on Karathress. Its game over for him at this point. Make sure to focus Spitfire Totems and have big heals on the tank during The Beast Within and there should be no problems!

  • Pull and Hold assigned bosses to corresponding positions.

  • Keep Tidalvess and Sharkkis stacked.

  • Keep Sharkkis pets in stack

  • Move Karathress once Tidalvess is dead.

  • Spitfire Totems MUST DIE. Main Focus.

  • Melee will stay with Tidalvess and Karathress for totems.

  • Follow kill order.

  • Ranged avoid Whirlwind when killing Caribdis.

  • Big heals when The Beast Within is active.

  • Don't let anyone die.