Magtheridon's Lair

Magtheridon was once acknowledged as Lord of Outland, where he ruled over the land inside the Black Temple. His reign ceased when Illidan Stormrage came and took it by force. Illidan had his body dragged to Hellfire Citadel where he was imprisoned and used as a tool to create Fel Orcs for his army.

Hellfire Channelers

  • Health: 364,200

  • Shadow Volley: 1 second cast, 30-yard AoE. Interrupt

  • Fear: Single target, 40-yard range

  • Dark Mending: 2 second cast, heals itself or another Hellfire Channeler within 60 yards for up to 32k. Interrupt

  • Summon Abyssal: Summon Infernal (despawns after one minute) Banish

  • Soul Transfer: When one Channeller dies, all surviving Channellers gain this stacking buff, increasing size by 20% and damage and casting speed by 30% (with four buffs, the last Channeler has 220% cast speed)

Burning Abyssals

  • Deals 2625 to 3375 with a 10-yard range to the player on which it lands.

  • Casts Fire Blast, which does 3300 damage in a 20-yard range.

  • May be frost nova'd, banished, feared, stunned, or trapped.

  • At most 5 Abyssals can be up at the same time.


  • Health: 4,817,855

  • Melee: ??

  • Cleave: ~8k on plate, frontal cone AoE

  • Conflagration: 6000 fire damage over 8 seconds. An AoE spell placed on floor in small patches.

  • Quake: 50-second cooldown, first cast after 40 seconds. A knockback that hits every player every second for 7 seconds, interrupts spells

  • Blast Nova: 60-second cooldown, about 2,500 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds to every player in the raid.

  • Enrage: 22 minutes after the start of the fight, Magtheridon enrages and wipes the raid.

The fight will not start until one of the Channelers is damaged. Everyone should take extreme caution when setting up and preparing to pull. This begins Phase 1 of the encounter and is essentially a DPS race. Magtheridon will remain banished for 2 minutes and during this time must kill all 5 Channelers.

We will kick off the fight with Azare, Terzetto, Boedrood and The Legendary Gnome Warrior formally known as Domsix pull their respective target. The raid will work clockwise around the room; Cross, Square, Moon, Triangle, and Diamond. Channalers will cast Dark Mending and Shadow Volley, these must be interrupted! They will also Summon Abyssals and these should be banished immediately! Once Cross is down, Domsix will alleviate Terzetto of Moon. Once an add is killed, the healer of that tank should rotate to the next tank inline (Moon,Triangle, and Diamond) as they will take increased damage the more Channalers that die.

Phase 2 will begin after 2 minutes have passed. At this time Magtheridon will become active and we might not have killed all Channeler's yet. They should be the main focus until they are downed. Azare will then bring Mag to the wall and everyone should spread out towards the Cubes they will later click. Conflagration will be casted throughout the duration of the fight. Its impossible to miss and should be avoided. He will also cast Quake that will interrupt the raid and bounce them around for 7 seconds. Its crucial that healers have HoTs rolling during this ability. Lastly, the most dangerous ability Blast Nova that MUST be interrupted by clicking all 5 cubes simultaneously.

Clicking the cube is a huge responsibility and must be done with extreme caution. You must wait until he is casting Blast Nova!! The cube must also be channeled, so just take your hands off your keyboard and your mouse for safe measures. When clicking only click ONCE and DO NOT move. A second click will interrupt the channeling. Once you click you will receive a debuff and will be unable to click again for 3 minutes. If by accident you misclick or move while clicking state so IMMEDIATELY in discord. Failing to silence the Blast Nova ability will result in a wipe.


  • Diamond

  • X

  • Square

  • Moon

  • Triangle

Group 1

  • Bellia

  • Rucyriu

  • Purefame

  • Girthquakes

  • Terzetto

Group 2

  • Ashleynn

  • Vloka

  • Vox

  • Fearghus

  • Vay

Group 3

  • Boedrood

  • Shorthang

  • Maniak

  • Mesolock

  • Zapphyre

Group 4

  • Poofandgone

  • DrDot

  • Vodka

  • Serenityz

  • Poofngone

Phase 3 begins once he reaches 30% health. We may call out to hold DPS for a Blast Nova first before crossing this threshold. Once we push him through to 30% he will collapse the ceiling causing 5000 to 6000 damage raid wide with a 2 second stun. All other abilities will continue during this phase as well. Burn him down! There might be 1 maybe 2 more cube clicks during the final phase. Stay focused. Kill Magtheridon. Collect the loot!

  • Keep Channelers separated at start (P1)

  • OTs should build threat incase of anything were to happen to MT

  • Intterupt Channelers (P1)

  • Avoid Conflagration

  • Locks keep Abyssals banished

  • Follow Cube rotation

  • Healers of first Channelers that die should move to last 2 tanks (P1)

  • Avoid Conflagration

  • Be prepared for Quake and place HoTs on tank

  • Make sure everyone is full health for Phase 3 transition

  • Follow Cube rotation