The Curator

The Curator is a fairly simple and straight forward boss fight. He wonders the hall and trash must first be cleared before engaging. It is usually considered a DPS check for the remainder of the raid.

The position of Curator isn't too important for this fight. Wherever is most comfortable unless otherwise planned. The fight will continue until he starts a Flare Phase. Here we will summon a flare every 10 seconds for a total of 10 flares. These must be killed within 10 second after spawn or they will continue to add up and eventually kill the raid. This phase lasts for 90 seconds. Warlocks can Curse of Doom Curator once the 4th spark has spawned to hit during his Evocation phase.

Immediately after summoning the 10th flare the Curator will have no mana and start his Evocation Phase. This will last for 20 seconds. During this phase he will not move or cast skills and receive 200% damage. Holy Parse Phase! Depending on DPS its advised to kill the 10th flare before starting DPS on the Curator.

At 15% health, whether he is in the middle of flare phase or evocation phase, he will stop all action and continue to normally attack but with increased melee speed and Hateful Bolt casts. Tanks and Hateful Bolt targets will need extra heals during this phase and everyone should use stones and potions to help.


  • Melee: 2800-2300 on tank

  • Summon Astral Flare: Summon an Astral Flare with 17k health every 10 seconds only during Flare Phase. These use a rapid chain lightning like ability hitting up to 3 targets for roughly 675-825 damage.

  • Hateful Bolt: An arcane bolt that hits Second in threat for about 4500-6000 Arcane damage.

  • Evocation: Goes completely inactive for 20 seconds re-filling mana. At this point damage received is increased by 200%

  • Soft Enrage: At 15% health he has increased melee attack speed and spell cast speed for Hateful Bolt. He no longer casts Evocation or starts a Flare Phase. He will also interrupt an Evocation or Flare Phase if health drops to 15% during those skills.

  • Hard Enrage: Full Enrage after 10 minutes.

  • Threat

  • Focus Astral Flares during Flare Phase

  • Stay away from Flares

  • Heal our asses off!