Terestian Illhoof

The tank should start the fight and pull Illhoof next to the center of the room where the Sacrificed target will be placed. He is fairly easy to tank and not much else needs to be done. Though possible to solo tank, a second tank can be used to tank Kil'rek and make sure its kept off healers and AoE casters.

Once Illhoof is pulled he will spawn 2 portals at the back of the room causing Imps to continuously be summoned. These should be AoE'd down since they will gather around Illhoof to cast on the healers. Warlocks Seed of Corruption is huge here.

Chains MUST be taken care of ASAP and DPS should have a macro to quickly target them.

/tar Demon Chains

Left unkilled, it will damage the raider and heal Illhoof which can be quite detrimental to the raid. Hunters should use Snake Traps because they can be targeted for sacrifice.

Kil'rek should be focused down to help prevent unneeded damage on the range AoE and healers. Doing this also keeps the Broken Pact debuff up on Illhoof.


Terestian Illhoof

  • Melee: 1600-2000 damage.

  • Shadow Bolt: ~4000 damage Shadow Bolt at the highest target on the aggro list.

  • Sacrifice: A random character is summoned to the center of the room and places Chains on them. While the chains are up, Illhoof is healed for 3,000 health per second. Cannot be cast on the Illhoofs tank. Hunters should drop Snake Traps on CD.

        • Chains: ~13k Health. 1500 damager per second. Placed on the Sacrifice target. Ice Block and Divine Shield can break out of Chains. Druids can use Barkskin to reduce the damage.

  • Berserk: At 10 minutes, Illhoof starts spamming Shadow Bolt Volleys on the entire raid every few seconds.


  • Melee: 1000-2000

  • Amplify Flames: Debuff that increases the Fire damage taken by 500 for 25 sec.

  • Broken Pact: A debuff placed on Illhoof when killed. All damage taken increased by 25%

  • respawns around 45 seconds after death.

Summoned Imps

  • Melee: ~400 damage. Normally only used when in close distance

  • Firebolt: 200 fire damage, up to 700 if Amplify Flames is applied to the target

  • Keep Illhoof and Kil'rek next to sacrifice circle

  • OT should dps while Kil'rek is dead.

  • Chains are top priority

  • Burn Kil'rek

  • Casters AoE to kill summoned imps

  • PUMP

  • Sacrificed victims must be healed asap

  • OT will take damage when Kil'rek is alive