Shade of Aran

Nielas Aran is his full name and also the father of Medivh. Who, was once the court conjurer of Stormwind, met a tragic end trying to contain the backlash of energy that Medivh could not control.

Throughout the fight Aran will continuously cast 3 main abilities at random paired with 1 of 3 possible special abilities every 30 seconds and 2 more spells if mana reaches below 20% and when health hits 40%. When casting spells Aran will NOT follow his aggro table and will attack raiders at random. A tank should also maintain top threat as he will randomly run to the player to melee. Doing this will help with less damage overall and keep him relatively centered.

For our strat we will focus on interrupting the Arcane Missle and Fireballs. Though his mana is expended immediately for Arcane Missle its best to interrupt as is does the most damage. With this Chains of Ice must be dispelled on the target! A devastating ability Aran has is Dragon's Breath. Hunters should also use Snake Traps here as Aran might select one of the snakes for this ability.

During Blizzard all ranged should run in a clockwise motion. Ranged should avoid moving into the center due to the Counterspell. It should only be considered if health is extremely low and fear of death.

When Aran pulls everyone to the center of the room you will have 10 seconds to make it to the walls of the room (bookshelves) to avoid his Arcane Explosion. If quick enough a priest can cast Mass Dispell when first pulled.

At 40% Aran will summon Water Elementals that follow the aggro table and should be tanked. They can be CC'd with feared, banish and stunned.

Last and most importantly. DO NOT MOVE DURING FLAME WREATH!!!

**If DPS is not high enough and Aran hits 40% health and 20% mana relatively close, you might want to consider only interrupting Arcane Missiles. This forces him to spend mana faster causing the Poly / Pyro ability to happen sooner and allows you to deal with it properly. Most VODs I've seen have high enough DPS to avoid this strat.


  • Frostbolt: 3 sec. cast, 3500 to 4500 frost damage and 4 second slow. Interruptible

      • Chains of Ice: 10 sec. root, does not break on damage. Chance to be applied from Frostbolt. Dispell

  • Fireball: 2 sec. cast, 3910 to 5290 fire damage. Interruptible

  • Arcane Missiles: 5 sec. channel spell that shoots 5 missiles, each dealing 1260 to 1540 arcane damage (6300-7700 total). Interruptible

  • AoE Counterspell: 10 yard radius around Aran, prevents casts from schools of magic for 10 seconds. Frequent, unpredictable and unavoidable.

  • Conjured Water Elementals: At 40% health, summons 4 Water Elementals with 13,000 health. They cast Waterbolts for 1000-2000 and despawn after 90 seconds.

  • Polymorph / Drink / Pyroblast: At 20% mana, Aran Polymorphs the entire raid, conjures some water, and starts drinking. After 10 seconds, or if his drinking is interrupted, the polymorph breaks and Aran does a pyroblast for 7000-7500 fire damage to the whole raid. Caution for interrupts should be taken here for if the raid isn't fully healed it could be deadly.

  • Dragon's Breath: Single target blast for 2000, applies DoT for 1000 per tick for 6 seconds. Divine Shield, Ice Block, and Cloak of Shadows

  • Shadows of Aran: After 12 minutes, he goes berserk and calls several shadows that have high-damage AoE abilities which wipe the raid within seconds.

Cooldown Abilities: 1 will be cast every 30 seconds

  • Flame Wreath: 5 sec. cast. Creates rings around three random characters for 20 seconds. If anyone moves in or out of them they deal 3,000–4,000 fire damage to the entire raid. The rings do not disappear upon Aran's death and can still be triggered after the fight. DO NOT MOVE!!

  • Circular Blizzard: Large AoE that moves slowly clockwise around the room. Deals 1313 to 1687 frost damage every two seconds and slows movement speed by 65%.

  • Magnetic Pull - Slow - Arcane Explosion: Pulls everyone to the center of the room and Slows them. Followed by a 10 second cast Arcane Explosion that deals 9,000-11,000 damage in a 20-yard radius.

  • Focus on dealing damage and interrupts

  • Deal with cooldown abilities appropriately

  • Tank water elementals if not killed quickly

  • Interrupt Frostbolt and Arcane Missle

  • Deal with cooldown abilities appropriately

  • Quickly kill water elementals after spawn

  • DO NOT interrupt Shade during polymorph unless its called

  • Be prepared for random players taking damage. Tanks will not be focused

  • Dispell Chains of Ice

  • Stay greater than 10yards from Shade to avoid being silenced

  • Deal with cooldown abilities appropriately

  • Anticipate heavy raid damage during water elementals

  • Quickly top off health after Pyroblast if used