Prince Malchezaar

Once belonging to the Eredar, a race immensely inclined in the arcane arts. When Kil'jaeden and Archimonde struck a deal with Sargeras almost the entire race became corrupted. The draenei, Exiled Ones, began to refer to their corrupted brothers as Man'ari. It is unknown what his intent was within Karazhan.

The second the fight starts the door to his room closes and he will begin to cast his abilities. The tank should place his back against the wall, roughly half way across the room, to avoid the knock-back. The ranged and healers should stay in the doorway. Its advised that DPS take it slow during P1 allowing the tank to gain enough threat for when its time to PUMP! Before P2 starts the Infernals positions should be accessed and determine whether to move Prince or not.

Phase 2 will begin once Prince is reduced to 60% health. He summons and wield 2 axes and starts to hit like a Mac Truck. With Sunder Armor, Thrash, and Parry, the Tank will be taking massive damage and will be the prime focus of healers. Thunderclap, Demo Shout/Roar and Curse of Weakness is a huge help for this Phase. Everyone should begin to pump during this phase to get through it as fast as possible.

The next and final phase begins at 30% health when Prince releases his axes and they begin to randomly attack other players. Though the damage from axes isn't anything insane their targets still need decent heals for survival. During this phase the killer is the quick spawn rate of the Infernals. Without high dps and proper communication they can quickly wipe the raid.


  • Summon Infernal (P1,2 & 3): Summons a stationary Infernal that starts a continuous AoE 3 seconds after landing. Lives for roughly 3 minutes with no limit to number of spawns. 45 second CD during P1&2 and 15 second CD for P3.

  • Shadow Nova (P1,2 & 3): 3000 shadow damage with knock-back. 3 second cast and 24 yard range. P1&2 cast roughly 4 seconds after Enfeeble, P3 whenever he wants. Can be resisted. Out-ranged by healers and ranged classes. Enfeebled melee need to take extreme caution of this ability.

  • Enfeeble (P1 & 2): Reduces maximum health to 1 for seven seconds. Cast on 5 random players, never the primary target. Can not be dispelled and healing has no effect. Melee with Enfeeble should run out of range immediately!

  • Shadow Word Pain (P1 & 3): 1500 damage per tick. P1 cast on primary target, P3 on a random player. Can be Dispelled and Reflected.

  • Thrash (P2): An ability giving himself 2 rapid melee attacks. Cast randomly, unknown CD.

  • Sunder Armor (P2): Reduces his current targets armor.

  • Flying Axes (P3): Sends his axes to attack random players. Cant be targeted or tanked.

  • Amplify Damage (P3): Debuff put on random players that increase damage taken. Not dispellable.

  • Get that Threat

  • Avoid Infernals

  • Communicate with raid if you need to move Prince

  • Easy on P1

  • PUMP it on P2&3

  • Avoid Infernals

  • Range keep max distance from Prince

  • Melee run out if you have Enfeeble

  • Keep watch for Infernals and communicate if you notice one landing close

  • Don't worry about healing people with Enfeeble

  • Keep max distance

  • Avoid Infernals

  • Don't cancel heals on tank during P2. He/She will take tons of damage.

  • Watch for Axe Targets