Opera Event

This event is started by talking to Barnes <The Stage Manager>. He will then make his way onto the stage and announce the play to be displayed. There are a total of 3 possibilities:

Little Girl in Red


  • Terrifying Howl: Feared for 3 seconds. Cast every 25 - 35 second.

  • Little Red Riding Hood: Changes the target into Little Red Riding Hood. Reduces targets armor and resistances to 0. Increases speed by 50% and silences. After receiving this debuff Big Bad Wolf will chase you.

  • Wide Swipe: Stuns the current target for 4 seconds. Cast roughly 25 - 35 seconds. This can also be cast on the Little Red Riding Hood target.

Easiest of the 3 events and should be tanked closely along a wall along with ranged stacked and closely along the wall as well. Shamans should keep Tremor Totems down or place them down immediately to break the fear. Fear Wards and Tremor Totems should be used to help the raider with Little Red Riding Hood debuff as they can also be affected be Terrifying Howl.

During the chasing, it is fine for dps to continue. They should keep an eye on threat and be sure to not pass the tank to assure he returns to the tank after the phase. Remember he can still fear during this as well.

The Little Red Riding Hood target should run along the outside of the walls when being chased. This prevents the Big Bad Wolf to catch up. Avoid running into the wall as it might slow you down.


Tank - Pretty straight forward, hold threat and keep along a designated wall.

DPS - PUMP IT but don't pull threat

Heal - Keep everyone alive. Except for that 1 dps who doesn't watch their threat

Tips N Tricks

  • Rogues can Vanish from the Big Bad Wolf from chasing you but you MUST remain stealthed while the Little Red Riding Hood debuff is active

  • Hunters can Feign similar to rogues and must remain Feigned until the chase is over. Be ready to run incase of resist.

  • Paladins can help reduce damage if the Big Bad Wolf is close to his target by casting Blessing of Protection.

  • Mages can cast Slow on the Big Bad Wolf

  • Warriors can Intervene the raider being chased and also Thunderclap so help reduce further damage.

I'm Not In Kansas Anymore

Characters & Abilities

  • Dorothee: Water Bolt(2025-2475), AoE Fear. Cannot be interrupted or tanked. Attacks at random.

  • Tito: Interrupts and silences. Will put Dorothee into Enrage if killed before her.

  • Roar: Melee: 2-3k. AoE Fear. Can be fear locked by a Warlock.

  • Strawman: Melee: 3-4k. No special Abilities. Will get disoriented after receiving fire damage.

  • Tinhead: Melee: 1500-3000. Cleave: Hits 3 targets 3-4k. Gains Rust debuff as time passes and reduces his movement speed.

  • The Crone: Cyclone, knocking raiders into the air. Chain Lightning hitting 5 targets, 2775-3225 . Only appears after all adds are dead.

This play first starts with Dorothee becoming active. She is the most dangerous of all adds next to Tito who she will then summon. They should be focused down and killed asap with Dorothee dying first to avoid the enrage since she is untankable. Tito should follow shortly after. By this time the other 3 should have been called into the fight. Roar should be picked up but a Warlock immediately and fear locked, an OT can help as LoS, resists and breaks in the fear can make it a slight pain. Next brings us to Strawman whos worst nightmare is Fire Mages. If available, on spawn, Strawman should be picked up by a Fire Mage. Any Mage, Searing Totem, Fire Elemental, Warlocks Imp, wands that do fire damage can also proc the disorient. If he isn't disoriented enough the OT can taunt him from time to time or even jump to the top of the prio list to be killed first. Lastly we have Tinhead. Due to his high damage he needs a fulltime Tank. Over time he will gain enough Rust stacks to then be kited to help reduce damage.

The next phase of this event starts when all adds have been killed. The Crone will spawn and should be immediately picked up by the MT. The rest of the raid should spread out to avoid Chain Lightning. She will cast Cyclones at random and move slowly around the room. If caught by a Cyclone you will receive fall damage. Instant cast abilities are still castable while Cycloned.


Tank - OT help with Roar and Strawman if needed for either. MT on Tinhead and Crone. Hold threat. Avoid Cyclones

DPS - Focus on Kill order or assigned roles. Avoid Cyclones

Heal - Best to keep awareness of where Roar gets feared to in the off chance of breaking free and fearing you. Avoid Cyclones

A Tale of Forbidden Love

Characters & Abilities

  • Julianne

  1. Eternal Affection: Healing for 46k-54k with a 2 second cast time Interrupt

  2. Powerful Attraction: 6 second Stun within a 45 yard range. 1.5 second cast time Interrupt

  3. Blinding Passion: Holy spell that inflicts 1500 damage and then 750 for 4 ticks in a 45 yard range. 2 second cast time Interrupt

  4. Devotion: Increases damage dealt and spell casting speed by 50% for 10 seconds Spellsteal, Purge

  • Romulo

  1. Backward Lunge: Strikes an enemy behind him inflicting damage and a 35 yard knockback

  2. Deadly Swathe: A cleave ability hitting up to 3 targets

  3. Poisoned Thrust: Places a poison debuff reducing all stats by 10%. Can stack up to 8 times. Poison Cleanse Totem

  4. Daring: Increases damage and attack speed by 50% for 8 seconds. Spellsteal, Purge

Phase One will start fighting against Julianne. Her abilities should be interrupted as much as possible. The most important skill being Eternal Affection. Powerful Attraction and Blinding Passion being secondary, though interrupting these spells will help healers mana and the over all success of the kill. Whenever Devotion is applied to her it should be dispelled instantly. This is a huge buff and can make interrupting her abilities much harder. At the end she should be killed off to the side to help ease the pick up process in phase 3.

Phase Two will begin once Julianne is disposed of. He should be tanked close to a wall with his back facing the wall to help prevent melee from getting punted across the stage. He should also be disarmed as he hits like a truck and even more so with Daring buff. Much like Julianne Daring should be dispelled asap. Kill him in a corner to begin phase 3.

Towards the end of phase 2 everyone should get ready to split and the OT get ready to pick up Julianne. All aspect from Phase One and Phase Two will continue to apply in Phase Three. Ranged DPS will focus on Romluo while the Melee will run to Julianne. Both Julianne and Romulo need to be brought down together and die within 10 seconds of one another or whichever is dead will respawn with full health.


Tank - Help with interrupts if possible. Keep Romulo's back facing a wall. Disarm Romulo.

DPS - Interrupt. Interrupt. Dispell is your class is able to. Interrupt. Disarm Romulo.

Heal - Healer focused on Romulos tank should pay attention as he hits like a truck. If mana isn't an issue you can help dispell.