Nightbane is a summoned raid boss in Karazhan. Once named Arcanagos and formerly part of the Blue Dragonflight was transformed by Medivh into a fiery skeletal dragon.

Once summoned, Nightbane will fly down from the sky initiating his ground phase and the start of the fight. The tank should quickly pick it up and place their back against the outer wall. Fear wards and Tremor Totems should be used during the entirety of the fight to help the tank and melee against Bellowing Roar. Melee should be positioned at the rear leg like any normal dragon fight. Healers and ranged DPS should be max distance to avoid fear completely.

During this phase Heals and ranges groups should be split. 1 against the Dome and the other against the outer wall. This will help stagger the placement of Charred Earth and if placed correctly a healer will always be stationary to heal. Ideally you will stay along the wall and move forward. This might put you within range of fear but shamans should have Tremor Totem placed at all times. An exception would be if there is a possibility of getting cleaved, then you would simply group with the others on the inner side.

After Nightbane is reduced to 75%, 50%, and 25% respectively; he will take off and his Air Phase will begin. Upon flight, everyone should collapse and hunters should drop frost traps. He will then target a random player or pet and cast Rain of Bones. After the skeletons have spawned everyone can then spread back out. At this point everyone should focus on the skeletons to bring them down as quick as possible. His next ability is extremely dangerous and if healers are not ready could easily kill someone. Smoking Blast will target the highest player on the threat table.

There are 2 ways to deal with this troublesome ability. One way for Warrior Tanks to sit with the rest of his group and spam Commanding Shout. The threat generated from this should be enough to be the focus of Smoking Blast. The second and newest way, is to have the Hunter feed their pet Kibler's Bits. Simply feeding their pet with this food generates monstrous threat on Nightbane and he will then focus the Hunter, NOT the pet. The target must be healed immediately and dispelled each time they are hit! Air Phase finished after both Rain of Bones and Smoking Blast is used.

Before the transition to Ground Phase everyone should be back in their original positions and any extra skeletons, that are not yet dead, should be pulled along. The tank needs to quickly reestablish aggro. Misdirection will help immensely here.

Now rinse and repeat at 50% and 25% health. Collect loot and congrats on fully clearing Karazhan!


Ground Abilities

  • Bellowing Roar: Fear with a 2.5 second cast and 30-second cooldown. Cast roughly once every 45 seconds to 1 minute. Fear breaking abilities should be used.

  • Charred Earth: Targets a random player placing an AoE of roughly 5 yards on the ground. While inside, a dot dealing 2000 to 3,000 fire damage per second is applied, cannot be dispelled but is removed upon leaving the AoE. Lasts 30 seconds and more than 1 can be placed at the same time.

  • Cleave: Frontal arc. 6,000 on plate, 11,000 on cloth

  • Distracting Ash: A debuff that reduces chance to hit with melee and spells by 30% for 40 seconds. Dispel

  • Smoldering Breath: Frontal cone attack dealing 5000 to 6000 fire damage. Deals an additional 1,688 to 1,912 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

  • Tail Sweep: Backward cone attack dealing 450 fire damage and knocking them back. Additional 450 fire damage every 3 seconds for 25 seconds.

Abilities in the air

  • Rain of Bones: Targets a random player or pet. Rains down bone fragmentswhere the target was initially standing when cast. 350 to 425 damage in a 6 yard radius.

    • Restless Skeletons: 5 skeletons are summoned during Rain of Bones.

      • 1,300 on cloth, 450 on plate

      • 13,500 health

  • Smoking Blast: A barrage cast every second for 15 seconds. Dealing 1,850 to 2,150 physical damage to the target and 3,000 fire damage over 18 seconds. He follows his aggro table when he starts his air phase. Healers will normally be the target here. Dispel the DoT

  • Fireball Barrage: A skill implemented to prevent exploitation. 3000 to 3500 damage every second to the entire raid until all raid members are within range of the boss. This skill will normally go unseen.

  • Face Nightbane to outer wall

  • Build threat quick after Air Phase

  • Hold him

  • Move from Charred Earth

  • Melee focus skeletons on Air Phase

  • Casters focus Nightbane on Air Phase

  • Watch threat during phase transitions

  • Ranged stay max range

  • Move from Charred Earth

  • Dispel Distracting Ash and Smoking Blast DoT

  • Dont cancel heals on Smoking Blast target

  • Stand max range