Netherspite belongs to the race of Nether Dragons. Once classified as black dragons they were created when abandoned eggs on Draenor got exposed to extreme amounts of nether energy when the planet was ripped apart through a portal. Using his otherworldly powers he fights off any intruder to the observatory.

Red Beam

Perseverance: Tank beam. Lasts for 20 sec after leaving the beam.

Netherspite: Damage taken reduced by 1% per stack.


      • Netherspite will focus you. If no one is standing in the Red Beam, Netherspite uses his standard aggro table.

      • Damage taken is reduced by 1% per stack.

      • Defense is increased by 5 per stack.

      • Modified health: The first application gives +31,000 maximum health, each stack after reduces maximum health by 1000.

      • Replenishes health to full each stack.

Green Beam

Serenity: Healing beam. Lasts for 10 sec after leaving the beam.


      • Heals for +4000 health per stack. (Has stacking affect. 4K, 8K, 12K, 16K and so on. Do NOT let this beam hit Netherspite.)


      • Healing done is increased by 5% per stack.

      • Spells and ability cost is reduced by 1% per stack.

      • Maximum mana is reduced by 200 per stack until your total mana pool reaches 0. Druids will lose mana even in form. Rage and Energy is unaffected.

      • Replenishes mana to full each stack.

      • If a Hunter uses Feign Death while tanking the green beam they will become exhausted and not be able to take it anymore. Can result in a wipe.

Blue Beam

Dominance: DPS beam. Lasts for 8 sec after leaving the beam.

Netherspite: +1% spell damage increase per tick.


      • Damage dealt is increased by 5% per tick.

      • Healing received reduced by 1%.

      • Damage taken by spells is increased by 8%.


  • Melee: 3000-8000

  • Nether Burn: Aura that deals 1200 shadow damage every 5 seconds, affected by line of sight. Is resistible, shadow resist buffs should be used. Only active during Portal phase.

  • Void Zone: Massive void zone that lasts 25 seconds, inflicting ~1k shadow damage every 2 seconds to all players in the area.

  • Netherbreath: 2.5 sec. cast. Frontal cone that hits everyone within range dealing ~4500 arcane damage in addition to knocking them back 20 yards. Will be cast very frequently during Banish phase.

  • Empowerment: Undispellable buff that increases his own damage by 200%. Cast during Portal phase and kept throughout the phases duration

  • Enrage: After 9 minutes, increases his damage done by 500%. GAMEOVER

Beam Rotation

Rotation 1: Portal Phase

  • Red: Tank A

  • Green: Tank B**

  • Blue: DPS A then DPS B

Banish Phase

Rotation 2: Portal Phase

  • Red: Tank B

  • Green: Tank A**

  • Blue: DPS C then DPS D

Banish Phase

Rinse Repeat Dead!

**Pally tanks may not want to tank Green Beam and in-turn be replaced with Healers, Rogues, and Warriors

The fight starts with the Portal Phase and lasts for 1 minute. The portals will ALWAYS spawn in the same locations but might sometimes change color after the first phase. Before the pull everyone should know which beam and order they are tanking. This is extremely important. If and when the buff falls off the raider receives a debuff, Nether Exhaustion, and can no longer tank the beam of that color for another 1m30s. Beam Rotation should be planned out ahead and studied.

As the tank pulls Netherspite to the door, those tanking a beam should move into place.

Red Beam is only taken by the Tank, whose high armor and health allow to be beaten on. The Tank of Red Beam will need to dance in and out of the beam. This is done by taking several stacks and move out so Netherspite gets 5 stacks. After this the Tank must move back in to take another 5+ stacks allowing the stacks on Netherspite to fall off. Following this allows the tank to stay in for the duration of the phase without reaching dangerously low health levels.

Green Beam is often tanked by the other Tank and can be tanked to its full duration of the Portal Phase. Due to its buff it will pose a problem for Pally tanks and shouldn't be tanked by them. Other options would have healers rotate 20ish stacks leaving them with a decent mana pool for when they leave the beam. This can immensely help the healing of the raider tanking the Blue Beam. Rotating Rogues and Warriors is also viable, increasing their DPS. If its a Druid tank, they should start the fight in Bear as they will not have enough mana to shift for the rest of the fight.

Blue Beam is given to a DPS with high health. As they deal more damage from the stacking buff they also receive more and more damage from Nether Burn. Warlocks using Drain Life and Shadow Priests with Vampiric Embrace are great classes for this beam and in most cases can tank it during the entire duration. Otherwise it should be split between 2 each phase when stacks roughly hit 20-30 depending on damage taken. Any class can take the Blue Beam in any situation that the raider assigned dies.

After 1 minute he goes into a Banished Phase for 30 seconds. During this time he will become stationary, Nether Burn and Void Zones will cease and he will begin to target random players to cast Netherbreath. Everyone should spread out and run to the back of the observatory to avoid Netherbreath. If hit with this ability use health pots before running back in at the end of the Phase.

Upon the ending of Banish Phase all aggro will be cleaned and DPS and Healers should give the Tank a second to re-establish aggro. We are now back in Portal Phase. Rinse. Repeat. Receive Epic Lewtz.

  • Know which beam you're tanking

  • Dance the Red Beam

  • Pally tanks don't want the Green Beam

  • Avoid Void Zones

  • Avoid Netherbreath

  • Know if you're tanking a Beam

  • Follow Beam Rotation

  • Avoid Void Zones

  • Avoid Netherbreath

  • One Healer will mostly focus on Blue Beam tank.

  • Heal Netherbreath victims asap

  • Avoid Void Zones

  • Avoid Netherbreath