We start this fight with 4 "dinner guests" and of course the man of the hour, Moroes. His dinner guests were once part of the Noble House of Darkshire and are randomized from 6 possible guests for each encounter.

Nobles of Darkshire

Baroness Dorothea Millstipe: 47k Health. Mind-numbing and Curse of Tongues will affect her cast time.

          • Mind-flay

          • Shadow Word: Pain

          • Mana Burn - interrupt

Lady Catriona Von'Indi: 47k Health.

          • Greater Heal - interrupt

          • Power Word: Shield

          • Holy Fire

          • Dispel Magic. She tends to use Dispel Magic to purge player buffs over her shackled allies.

Lady Keira Berrybuck: 47k Health. Should be shackled until time of death

          • Holy Light - interrupt

          • Cleanse - Focuses on Shackled and Trapped allies

          • Divine Shield

          • Blessing of Might

Baron Rafe Dreuger: 47k Health.

          • Hammer of Justice

          • Cleanse - rarely used

Lord Robin Daris: 58k Health. Chain trapped until time of death

          • Mortal Strike

          • Whirlwind abilities

Lord Crispin Ference: 58k Health. Trap/Shackle if last alive. Usually kept alive till Moroes is dead

          • Disarm

          • Shield Bash

          • Shield Wall

Kill Priority

  1. Baroness Dorothea Millstipe

  2. Lady Catriona Von'Indi

  3. Lady Keira Berrybuck

  4. Baron Rafe Dreuger

  5. Lord Robin Daris

  6. Moroes

  7. Lord Crispin Ference



  • Basic Melee: 1600–2500

  • Vanish: Vanishes every 30 seconds. Used before Garrote. Does not wipe aggro.

  • Garrote: A physical DoT applied to a random raider. Deals 1000 damage every 3 seconds for minutes (100,000 total damage). Can be removed by Stoneform, Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, Ice Block. Hunters can Feign to avoid it.

  • Blind: A poison-based disorient effect applied to Moroes' closest non-tank target. Poison Cleansing Totem should be placed at all times.

  • Gouge: Moroes stuns his current target. Breaks on damage. Moroes attacks the target with the second-highest threat while his primary target is Gouged.

  • Enrage: At 30% health, increased damage.

  • Berserk: After a certain amount of time Moroes frenzies and throws daggers at random raid members.

The strategy overall can change depending on the 4 adds that are dealt per seed. If needed a 3rd add can be fear locked so only 1 add is active at a time.

Moroes and 2 adds can be pulled to one side of the staircase allowing room for the other 2 adds to be CC'd on the other side of the room to prevent them from breaking from AoE and cleave. The Off Tank should gather threat on both the adds and Moroes. Shamans should place Poison cleansing totems near Moroes to aid in dispelling the Blind. One melee DPS should also stand on top of Moroes to soak it.

The first 2 adds should be burned asap and interrupted if needed. Following the kill priority, the rest of the adds go down fairly quick as well and can be killed before moving to Moroes.

  • Remain 1st and 2nd on threat table for Moroes

  • Possible third to pick up one of the adds if needed

  • Burn adds

  • Interrupt Heals

  • 1 to soak Blind

  • PUMP

  • Ready to switch heals to OT when MT gets gouged

  • Keep heals on Garrote victim unless other wised planned

  • Remove blind asap