Maiden of Virtue

The titanic watcher, Maiden of Virtue, waits motionless in hopes of the sight for Medivh to purify his corruption. She does not follow a strict timer and will use her abilities as she sees fit. The only exception to this is when Repentance is active, she will NOT cast Holy Fire during this time.

Positioning plays a big part to this fight. Melee will want to be at max range and create as much space as possible from one another to prevent the chaining of Holy Wrath. Ranged and healers must be spaced and keep outside of Maidens Holy Ground, also must stay in LOS to dispel Holy Fire.

She should be tanked in center of room allowing the rest of range to sit just inside of the pillars. There are a few ways to deal with Repentance and should be reviewed depending on group make-up. Shamans should have Grounding Totems placed to soak the Holy Fire. This only works if all members of the party are under its effect, otherwise it may hit the unprotected raider. If a raider does get hit with Holy Fire they must be dispelled ASAP or they will die extremely quick.

Healers and ranged will want to play in Holy Ground when Repentance is off CD to remove the stun. This can be risky as she does not cast Repentance when it comes off CD and staying too long in Holy Ground will risky the raids health getting too low. A strategy to combat this is to leave 1 healer out to take the stun and 1 healer in until the stun breaks then quickly running out to top off the raid.


  • Melee: 2500–3500, 4000-4800 crushing

  • Holy Ground: permanent 240–360 holy damage every 2 sec AoE 12 yards around her. Also silences for 1 second.

  • Holy Fire: 1 second cast, 3238–3762 fire damage and 1750 fire damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

  • Holy Wrath: Holy AOE damage, instant cast, 20 second cooldown. Can chain targets. Cast on a random target. Does not target pets.

  • Repentance: Deals 1750–2250 holy damage and stuns the whole raid for 12 seconds. 30 second cooldown. Does not hit the Maiden's target. Stun can be broken by damage or PVP trinkets.

  • Berserk: Berserks after 10 minutes, ~500% damage increase.

  • Keep Maiden centered

  • Just do your thing

  • EZ Game

  • Keep spaced to avoid chaining Holy Wrath

  • Help dispel if needed

  • Specific classes may need to help heal

  • Can juggle in and out of Holy Ground to remove stun


  • Can juggle in and out of Holy Ground when Repentance is off CD to break stun. But remain careful as it does silence for 1 second