Chess Event

The object to the chess event is to defeat the enemies king before our own king dies. Though it sounds simple this game of chess does not follow the conventional rules to chess. The event is started when a player takes control of the king piece.

Once the event is started the rest of the raid can begin controlling a piece that is not yet controlled by another player by simply talking it it. This gives the player the view point of the piece they are controlling. A player may also leave the piece by canceling the aura and receive a 15 second debuff preventing them from controlling another piece.

When controlling a piece, an action bar will appear with 4 skills. Movement and Rotate share a cooldown of 5 seconds as well as the special abilities. If 1 special ability is longer than 5 seconds the other will only be affected for 5 seconds.

  • Move: Click on an available square following the movement restrictions per piece.

  • Rotate: Click on a square in the direction you are not currently facing to rotate.

  • Special 1: A unique ability depending the piece you control.

  • Special 2: A second unique ability depending on the piece you control.

Chess Pieces

Medivh is quite the sore loser and will cheat from time to time. The most concerning is when he places fire randomly under controlled pieces feet. This must be moved out of as soon as possible. His other 2 cheats will be healing his pieces to full health or giving a piece Berserk, increasing their size, speed and damage.

This event is fairly easy and simple. The Pawns in front of the King and Queen should be moved to open up a path for them to get out. Given how powerful the King is he should be used offensively to help taking down other pieces. Raiders in control of the Clerics should be cautious of the Kings and Queens health as they play in major damage dealing. Clerics should refrain from moving often to focus on healing unless a range restriction on Heal and to move out of the fire cheat from Medivh. Other than keeping the King, Queen and Clerics alive focus on killing the King and collect your loot.