Attumen the Huntsman

Phase 1 is extremely quick and easy. Tank and spank. Phase 2 begins when Midnight hits 95% health.

Phase 2 has begun, Attumens tank should pick him up immediately and turn him away from the raid due to Shadow Cleave. All DPS should nuke Midnight while cleaving as much as possible. Warriors should Disarm Attumen to help mitigate damage. Attumen will also cast Intangible Presence and should be decursed immediately. This can also be reflected by a warrior's Spell Reflection skill. Once Midnight reaches 25% Attumen will Mount Up and Phase 3 will begin.

At the start of Phase 3, Attumen and Midnight will now merge and threat will be CLEARED. Misdirection should be used at the start to help the tank gain a lead. Threat should be closely monitored. Attumen will now gain a new ability, Berserker Charge. The entire raid should collapse behind Attumen. Berserker Charge has a minimum of 8 yards and hunters will be at the edge of this radius. Healers should be ready to top off any hunter that might take the charge and melee hit.




      • Basic Melee: 4,700 - 7,500 damage

      • Shadow Cleave: Frontal melee-range AoE attack for around 4,000 shadow damage.

      • Intangible Presence: A reflectable AoE curse cast every 30 seconds that reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%.

  • Mount Up: When either Attumen or Midnight are at 25% he will mount up, both turning into one boss with the higher health percentage of both.

  • Berserker Charge: This ability is only casted during Phase 3. A charge that does 200 damage and a knockdown. Its range is 8-40 yards. Its possible for Attumen to sneak an attack on the charged target, causing 6,000+ damage making it dangerous to get charged.



  • Basic Melee: Around 4,200 - 6,000 damage, mitigated by armor.

  • Disarm Attumen

  • Spell Reflection for Intangible Presence if possible

  • Keep Attumen and Midnight stacked

  • Face Attumen away from raid and OT for Midnight

  • Disarm Attumen

  • Stay behind Attumen to avoid cleave

  • Slow/Stop dps during phase changes

  • Help decurse Intangible Presense if needed

  • Decurse Intangible Presence

  • Conserve Mana for P3

  • Healer be ready to heal Berserker Charge victim