High King Maulgar

Born within the weakest ogre clan, the Bladespire Clan, Maulgar's strength quickly drew the attention of the previous High King. The High King demanded to see a demonstration of Maulgar's ability. He didn't hesitate to snap the neck of the High King to proclaim the throne, later drawing the attention of Gruul himself.

High King Maulgar

  • Health: 758,500

  • Melee: 4500 to 7000

  • Arcing Smash: A cleave for 5000-6000

  • Mighty Blow: knockback for 5000-7000

  • Whirlwind: 4000-5000, he moves at 50% speed while active

  • At 50%, he will begin charging random raid members

Blindeye the Seer

  • Health: 303,500

  • Melee: 2000?

  • Power Word: Shield

  • Prayer of Healing: Roughly 5% of his health. Interrupt

  • Prayer of Mending: Heals himself to full health. Interrupt

Olm the Summoner

  • Health: 303,500

  • Melee: 5000?

  • Dark Decay: DoT that stacks and cant be normally dispelled

  • Summon Fel Stalker: Summons a Felhunter ever minute. Can dispel Dark Decay if Enslaved

  • Death Coil: Causes 2000 damage and fears.

Krosh Firehand

  • Health: 303,500

  • Melee: ?

  • Spell Shield: reduces incoming damage by 75%. Lasts for 30 seconds. Spellsteal!

  • Blast Wave: AoE dealing 6000 damage. 15 yard range.

  • Greater Fireball: 8500-9500 fire damage. 3 second cats

Kiggler the Crazed

  • Health: 303,500

  • Melee: 6000?

  • Hex: Polymorph

  • Lightning Bolt: 3000 damage

  • Arcane Blast: 2500 damage. 10 yard AoE.

  • Arcane Shock: 720 - 800 damage. DoT. Added damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

Since the start is the hairiest thing about this fight the success to Maulgar's demise all rests upon the pull. We will have our mage, Vodka, kick off the party once everyone is set in place and ready. Once he has started the encounter; Azare, Terzetto, Boedrood and both Vox and Maniak will pick up their targets and pull them to the desired locations. Purebliss will misdirect Mulgar to Azare to help with initial aggro. The hunters should misdirect themselves and fight for aggro on Kiggler. He will target the top threat and Hex them and continue to attack second in threat.

Kill Priority / Tank

  1. Blindeye / Boedrood

  2. Olm / Terzetto

  3. Krosh / Vodka

  4. Kiggler / Vox & Maniak

  5. Maulgar / Azare

Blindeye and Olm should be tanked relatively close together. They do not have any AoE abilities and is melee friendly. Melee should focus on interrupting Prayer of Healing and most importantly Prayer of Mending. A kick assignment will be listed before raid. Olm will occasionally fear his main target. He should be brought back into position after fear ends. Olm will also Summon Fel Stalkers and should be enslaved. After these two have been defeated melee can then move to Maulgar and ranged finish off Krosh and Kiggler. The healers for these tanks should move to help relieve stress from MT healers.

Krosh and Kiggler should be done by the ranged DPS only. By this time there should be a chunk of health missing from both adds. Finish them up quick and move to Maulgar.

Last is High King Maulgar himself. At this point in the fight it’s a tank and spank. Melee will want to run out during his Whirlwind ability and stay behind him at all time to avoid his cleave, Arcing Smash.

  • Keep targets in proper positions

  • Pump threat

  • INTERRUPT heals!

  • Stay away from Kiggler and Krosh

  • Follow Kill Order unless otherwise stated

  • Avoid Whirlwind

  • Avoid getting close to Krosh

  • Help where ever is needed after your Tanks target dies.