Gruul the Dragonkiller

A fierce, cunning and mighty Gronn; who received his title from slaughtering countless members of the Black Dragonflight.


  • Health: 4,552,800

  • Melee: 3000 - 5500 damage.

  • Growth: A self-buff increasing damage done by 15% every 30 seconds and increases size by 10%. stacks up to 30. Not dispellable.

  • Hurtful Strike: 8000 - 10,000 damage. Roughly every 10-20 seconds. Will ALWAYS hit second in threat within his melee range.

  • Reverberation: Raid-wide silence for 4 seconds. Not dispellable.

  • Cave In: AoE causing 2000 - 3000 physical damage every 3 seconds. Mitigated by armor. Damage is affected by Growth.

  • Ground Slam: Raid-wide knock back into a random direction.

  • Gronn Lord's Grasp: Stacking debuff after a Ground Slam that reduces movement speed by 20%, stacks 5 times, then causes the Stoned effect after 5 seconds. Only a select few skills can dispel this effect. Players that do dispel is still hit with Shatter and should maintain distance.

  • Stoned: A stun after 5 stacks of Gronn Lord's Grasp is applied.

  • Shatter: Can range between 1000 to over 8500 damage depending on distance. The closer you are to someone else the more damage received. Pets do get stunned but does not receive or cause damage from this skill.

We'll start the fight with Azare running in and centering Gruul in the room. Everyone must follow in at the same time as a door will close. At the start everyone should spread out immediately. Its advised that Ranged DPS position on the outer edge at max distance allowing the healers to be more positioned between Ranged and Gruul. The success to this fight is heavily weighed on the survivability during the Ground Slam and Shatter abilities. Since Ground Slam's knock back is random everyone should try their best to keep 18 yards away from one another for minimal damage. Melee DPS should prioritize being spaced out over doing damage during this ability. Cave In is a very distinct AoE with falling rocks and smoke on the ground which should be moved out of immediately.

Healers should position themselves evenly around the room. They should also be prepared for Reverberation making sure HoTs have enough time left to heal during the abilities duration.

That's it. The fight becomes harder the more DPS that die and the more stacks of Growth Gruul receives. So its crucial to be aware of your distance during Shatter and staying out of Cave In.

  • Keep Gruul centered

  • OT should keep building threat to stay in 2nd

  • Stay spread out during Shatter

  • Stay out of Cave In

  • Watch threat. Stay out of top 2

  • Stay spread out during Shatter

  • Stay out of Cave In

  • Keep HoTs rolling for Reverberation

  • Make sure OT is topped off immediately