Teron Gorefiend

Before we start, practice using this simulation and get yourself familiar with the skills: https://teron.faldorn.net/

Known to be one of the hardest bosses due to the construct portion of the fight, Teron Gorefiend could be a small wall for most people and guilds.

At the start the tank will keep him where he stands. Only 1 tank is needed for this fight so the other two may switch to DPS/Heal if they choose to. All DPS and Healers should be in the back between the two braziers.

The boss is NOT tauntable, so DPS watch your threat at the start. Its a bit of a DPS race so Lust should be used fairly early in the fight before losing too many people to the Shadow of Death ability. More on that later.

The first ability is Incinerate. The initial damage is manageable but what really hits is the DoT that is placed on the target. This MUST be dispelled ASAP. His next damaging ability is Summon Doom Blossom. He will create a shadow orb that will periodically damage raiders. The effects of this ability is amplified on raiders who have the Crushing Shadows debuff, increasing shadow damage taken by 60%. Aside from the Tank, the raid will take moderate damage throughout the encounter.


  • Shadow of Death: The shadow of death looms. Killing the target after 55 sec. The defeated player will take the form of a Vengeful Spirit. Additionally several Shadowy Constructs will spawn at the location of the defeated player.

    • Shadowy Construct: Immune to all damage from players in the corporeal world.

      • Atrophy: Deals damage and weakens the target, decreasing melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 5%.

      • Shadow Strikes: Deals Shadow damage on every attack.

  • Summon Doom Blossom: Summons a Doom Blossom at a nearby location that periodically casts Shadow Bolts.

    • Shadow Bolt: Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage.

  • Incinerate: Deals 2800 to 3300 Fire damage on impact and an additional 8300 to 9600 damage over 3 sec. Dispel

  • Crushing Shadows: Afflicts enemy targets, increasing Shadow damage dealt to them by 60% for 15 sec.

Your Spirit Abilities

Vengeful Spirit: Able to defeat the Shadowy Construct.

      • Spirit Strike: A powerful strike that weakens the target, reducing the damage it deals by 10% for 5 sec.

      • Spirit Lance: Fires a burst of spirit energy at a single target, slowing its movement briefly. Targets hit by Spirit Lance will gradually regain mobility as the effect fades. Only usable on shadowy beings.

      • Spirit Chains: Shackles nearby targets in chains of spirit energy, preventing all action for 5 sec. Any damage caused will break the effect. Only usable on shadowy beings.

      • Spirit Volley: Fires a concentrated volley of spirit energy to all targets within 12 yards. Only usable on shadowy beings.

Now for the most challenging part of this fight and the cause of ALL wipes for this encounter, Shadow of Death. This ability is cast every 30 seconds on a random raider. This can not target the tank. Raiders who can remove themselves from his target can skip the debuff and Construct cycle all together. These raiders must cast Vanish, Feign Death, Ice Block, or Divine Shield during the 1 second cast timer for Shadow of Death.

Once he casts Shadow of Death, the raider will have 55 seconds of life before dying and turning into a Construct. The raider can continue to DPS or Heal for the first 30 seconds but at roughly 20-25 seconds left you MUST run to the far corners of the room before it hits 0.

This part will take practice and will aggravate many. Upon detonation of the debuff, you will die and become a Spirit with special abilities and spawn 4 enemy Constructs. You will then have 60 seconds or before the Constructs reach the raid to kill all 4. They are not targetable by non Spirits, however, other Spirits (if finished with their own Constructs) may help others with their remaining 60 seconds.

After your 60 seconds is up you are just dead and out of the fight. Creating a Soul Stone rotation can help mitigate losing too many raiders during the fight, increasing the chance to succeed. This should be discussed before the fight.

*Some Tips for the Construct. The abilities are the same exact position and key bind as in the web browser mini game, unless you altered them with your UI. As you are running to the back try to pick a corner that no one is in. This will help you in the long run as you will not accidentally select someone else construct possibly causing another to B-line to the raid.

Generally the best way to open up is to cast 5 (Spirit Volley) then 4 (Spirit Chains) the second the Constructs spawn. This will not only do damage but also freeze them in place to help give you time to get situated.

Once you are ready begin to cycle through 3 (Spirit Lance) and Tab to the next target. Continue to 3 (Spirit Lance) and Tab till they are all dead. Once you are comfortable you may add another 5 (Spirit Volley) and 4 (Spirit Chains) to your rotation on CD. Be careful with this as the Constructs may lose their Slow debuff if you are not quick enough to start your Spirit Lance rotation again.

Thats it. Thats the hardest part of this fight. Stay Calm, Have Fun, and Execute!