Now we arrive at Supremus. He is an easy boss and shouldn't be much trouble.

We will start the fight slightly out from the bottom of the ramp. The first of two phases will be a simple Tank N Spank.

You will want to spread out in a circle as much as possible to help the transition to phase 2.


Stage One: Supremus

  • Melee: 5000-6000 on plate.

  • Molten Punch: Supremus punches the ground, creating a Flame Gout that creates Molten Flame periodically.

    • Molten Flame: Deals 6000 to 6700 Fire damage to enemies within the flames.

  • Hateful Strike: Deals 8000-10000 damage to a threatening target with the highest health within melee range.

Stage Two: Pursuit

  • Volcanic Geyser: A volcano bursts forth from the ground, dealing 5700 to 6600 Fire damage to nearby enemies with 8 yards.

  • Fixate: Causes the caster to fixate on a random target.

During Phase One, he will periodically use an ability Molten Punch. This will create a Blue Flame that will normally travel outward in a random direction from Supremus. Its extremely easy to see and should be avoided at all costs. The Hateful Strikes will happen randomly and the OT should be healed immediately. It is wise to have a 2nd OT for Hatefuls in case the first OT wasn't healed quick enough. The rest of melee should be at MAX melee distance to help with transition of Phase 2.

After roughly 60 seconds Phase Two begins which is much like Thaladred from the Kael'thas Fight. He will set a Gaze and proceed to chase them down. But wait! This has a slight twist from previous Gazes. If you are further than 30 to 40 yards of Supremus he will use a dash ability that greatly closes his distance to the raider and possibly spelling death. Its wise to stay within the 30 to 40 yard range to kite him normally around the wide area. Avoid climbing on the obstacles or getting him caught on them as it will either cause him to evade or even teleport.

During Gaze he will cast Volcanic Geyser that will normally spawn on top of a player. This will spout random fire balls in an 8 yard radius of the Volcano. Do you best to avoid these while running from Supremus.

Supremus will change his target roughly every 10 seconds. Be sure to keep a proper distance from him during this phase. Travel Form and Ghost Wolf are available to use during this fight.

After another 60 seconds pass he will revert back to Phase One. During this transition back to Phase Once ALL DPS should stop as there is a threat drop. Hunter Misdirect to help with transition. Warlock and Spriests should be mindful of their DOTs going into Phase 1. After this, its rinse and repeat!