Shade of Akama

Shade of Akama is a pretty quick fight but can easily spiral out of control. It is a DPS race once Phase 2 starts. If Akama dies its Game Over and the fight will be reset.

Before we start we will want to get set up and prepared for this fight. A paladin will be set to one side of the room where adds spawn by themselves and healers. The other side will be a warrior and/or druid to handle the adds from that side along with their own healers.

On pull all ranged and melee will run in and start to kill the channelers. They must all die to release Shade of Akama to start Phase 2.

Hunters will want to set down Frost Traps and Mages use Frost Nova for the Tanks on both sides to help them kite the 3 adds that spawn every 35 seconds. One tank will focus on picking up the Ashtongue Defender and bring it to the Channeler platform. They will position the Defender in the center to allow Warlocks to seed from it hitting the rest of the Channelers.

Once the Channelers are dead, Shade of Akama will slowly make his was to Akama. After Shade engages Akama pop everything you have, you should be saving it all for this moment.

This is a bit of a DPS check as you must kill Shade before Akama dies. He only has roughly 1 million health so it should be fairly quick. During this time the Tanks will still be kiting the Adds and can get hairy if they lose aggro or die. And there you have it. Shade of Akama is pretty short and simple.


Phase One

Shade of Akama: When the Shade of Akama is freed and reaches Akama, Phase Two will begin.

Ashtongue Channeler

    • Chain Soul: Reduces movement speed by 30% of the Shade of Akama.

Ashtongue Sorcerer

    • Chain Soul: Reduces movement speed by 30% of the Shade of Akama.

Ashtongue Spiritbinder

    • Spirit Mend: Heals an ally every 2 sec. for 10 sec.

    • Chain Heal: Infuses a wounded ally with healing energy that spreads to another nearby ally. The spell affects up to 5 targets.

    • Spirit Heal: Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.

Ashtongue Rogue

    • Eviscerate: Inflicts (100% of Spell power) Physical damage.

    • Debilitating Poison: Poisons the target, increasing the time between attacks by 50%, increasing their spell cast time by 50% and dealing 2997 to 3483 Nature damage every 2 sec.

Ashtongue Defender

    • Debilitating Strike — Inflicts 100% weapon damage and leaves the target wounded, reducing the effectiveness of any physical attacks for 5 sec.

    • Shield Bash — Bashes an enemy with the caster's shield, inflicting Physical damage and interrupting the spell being cast for 3 sec.

    • Heroic Strike — A strong attack that increases melee damage and causes a high amount of threat.

  • Ashtongue Elementalist

    • Rain of Fire — Calls down a molten rain, burning all enemies in a selected area for 5827 to 6773 Fire damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.

    • Lightning Bolt — Blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage.

Phase Two

Shade of Akama: Defeating the Shade of Akama ends the encounter!


    • Destructive Poison — Poisons the target, increasing damage taken.

    • Chain Lightning — Strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 5 targets, inflicting greater Nature damage to each successive target.