Reliquary of Souls

Before we get started, we must first make our way through a Gauntlet. Its best done by running along the right wall letting your tank gather them and pull them further down the hallway. We can pull the first couple groups and to a halfway point and AoE them quickly. There is a roughly 30 seconds respawn timer for these mobs. The next and final spot will be on the far side of the ramp just before the boss. You should have a brief moment to drink up before the encounter.

This fight has 3 phases, each representing an emotion with a different face. Each phase has a unique mechanic and ability that will change the style of play.

Phase One: Suffering

The MT will run in tank RoS where they meet. The rest of the raid should position themselves at the bottom of the ramp to ensure they do not pull any mobs from the gauntlet during the fight.

The aggro for this phase acts quite different than normal. The raider closest to the boss will have threat. Can be done with 2 tanks but a third might be needed for the first few clears. Melee MUST be at max range at all times or they will die. Tanks will need to coordinate when they are tank swapping. This can be useful for early clears where the MT might have trouble tanking the Enrage ability. Another note about the aggro table. Since threat is established by the closest raider this means that everyone can pump to their hearts content!! This included healers!

During the entirety of this phase RoS will produce an aura called Aura of Suffering. This causes ALL healing effects to be reduced by 100%. this means there is ZERO healing. Cookies, bandages, health potions, healing spells are all useless! Power Word: Shield still works and should be used whenever possible. Pain Suppression and Blessing of Sacrifice also work.

The most dangerous ability RoS has is Soul Drain. This MUST be dispelled immediately!! It can do tons of damage if left alone.


Phase One:Suffering

  • Aura of Suffering: Healing effects are reduced by 100%. Regeneration effects reduced by 100%. Armor reduced by 100%.

  • Fixate: Causes an enemy to become fixated. Lasts 5.5 sec.

  • Frenzy: Physical damage dealt is increased by 25%. Attack speed increased by 50%.

  • Enrage: Physical damage dealt is increased by 25%. Attack speed increased by 50%

  • Soul Drain: Deals 2032 damage every 3 seconds. Drains 2577 mana every 3 seconds. Dispel!!!


Enslaved Soul: A mobs that spawns several times during a short period.

    • Soul Release: On Death, Restores 30% of health and mana to targets within 10 yards.

Phase Two: Desire

  • Aura of Desire: Damage taken when damage dealt. Healing increased by 100%. Decreases maximum mana over time.

  • Deaden: Increase the damage taken by the target by 100% for 10 sec.

  • Spirit Shock: 1 second cast. Deals ~10k damage to the target. Disoriented for 5 sec. Interrupt

  • Rune Shield: Absorbs 100k damage. Immune to spell interrupt effects. Increases attack speed by 100%. Increases casting speed by 100%.


Same as the first.

Phase Three: Anger

  • Aura of Anger: Deals shadow damage over time. Increases damage dealt. Effects increase over time.

  • Seethe: Attack speed increased by 100% and causes players to increase threat generated by 200% for 10 sec.

    • Seethe: Increases threat generated by 200% for 10 sec. STOP DPS

  • Soul Scream: Deals 2032 Shadow damage and burns 2386 Mana to enemies in front of the caster.

  • Spite: Focuses upon the target, making the target immune to damage for 6 sec, but dealing a large amount of damage after 6 sec.


At 1% RoS will run back to the rib like structure. Her threat will reset and begin to spawn Enslaved Souls. Everyone should stack up for this part. On death, they will restore 30% health and mana to the anyone within 10 yards. DPS should WAIT until the Souls reach the raid group to kill. They have very little health and die easily. Killing them too far will no regain your resources. Due to this intermission, DPS should PUMP during Phase One as they will regain their mana during this event.

Phase Two: Desire

The tank should be ready to pick up RoS as the second phase begins. Phase Two is quite the opposite to the first phase. The Aura during this phase is called Aura of Desire and instead causes all healing dealt to be increased by 100%. It also has a nasty decay to your maximum mana over time, this goes for all raid members. The other side effect to this aura is damage taken for the damage you deal. With that being said this phase can become quite crazy very quickly. DPS MUST watch their damage and to not overload the healers.

A new ability this phase is Spirit Shock causing 10k damage to the tank and disorienting them for 5 seconds. A tank can easily die due to this ability. An interruption rotation should be set before the fight. It has a 1 second cast timer and can be hard to catch, to help this have a Curse of Tongues up at all times during this phase.

The next amazing ability is called Deaden. DO NOT interrupt this ability. This can and should be spell reflected by the tank to double the damage to the boss!!! This is a double edged sword, as the damage from raiders increase the damage taken will increase as well. Healers will have to pump during these 10 seconds to keep the raid alive.

His last ability is nothing special as a mage should spell steal his Rune Shield Immediately!!! This ability is usually followed by a Spirit Shock which cannot be interrupted unless the shield is stolen. Rinse and repeat till the phase is over and another intermission has started. Now onto Phase Three.

Phase Three: Anger

The start of this phase is crucial and it requires DPS to not touch their keyboards due to a skill called Seethe.. Hands off the keyboard.. Don't do it..Dont even look at it. The OT will initiate the start of this phase after a global or two the MT will taunt RoS causing the ability Seethe to be casted on the entire raid. This increases threat generated by 200%. During this time the MT will soar the threat meter allowing the DPS to pump only AFTER the 10 second ability is finished. If you fail to hold damage for the 10 seconds you will only gimp your own dps in the end. If RoS changes its target mid fight Seethe will be cast again and ALL raid members MUST hold ALL abilities till the tank regains threat.

The Aura of Anger will increase the raids damage and also deals raid wide shadow damage with its intensity increasing ever 3 seconds. This aura places RoS with a soft enrage and is considered a burn phase. Lust should be saved for this moment.

Soul Scream can be a dangerous ability. First, its a cone ability doing damage to all enemies in front of the boss. This should be easily manageable since no one should ever be in front of the boss other than the tank. This ability will do extra damage to whoever it hits depending on the amount of resources the target has. Tanks should dump their resources to avoid massive damage. The last ability is called Spite and the target needs to be brought to full health BEFORE the ability goes off. It will do a large amount of damage once it goes off and the victim needs to be healed immediately as the next few seconds they could die from the shadow tick due to the aura.