Mother Shahraz

Shadow Resistance!! 174 unbuffed minimum!!

The most popular spot for this fight to take place is at the fish fountain. Mother will be Misdirected to the MT standing in the fountain. During this fight the MT and the 2 other tanks must stack as tight as possible to ensure equal distribution of Saber Lash.

Before the pull both ranged and melee should get situated under the fish fin, you will know if you are under correctly when you cant jump. The Tanks should position themselves slightly away from the melee allowing Mother Shahraz to sit nicely between them and the melee.


  • Fatal Attraction: Teleports 3 allies to a random location and links them with demonic energy. Fatal Attraction deals 1500 Shadow damage to nearby allies within 15 yards. The Fatal Attraction will break when allies move outside 25 yards of each other.

  • Saber Lash: Frontal cleave dealing 7500 - 8200 damage to up to 3 enemies, divided up evenly among all those affected.

  • Interrupting Shriek: A shout of command that interrupts all enemies within 18 yards for 3 sec.

  • Beams: Every 30 seconds Mother Shahraz will fire a random beam at nearby enemies.

  • Sinful Beam: Strikes an enemy inflicting ~6000 Shadow damage that arcs to other nearby raiders. The spell affects up to 30 targets.

  • Sinister Beam: Strikes an enemy inflicting 3600 Shadow damage that arcs to other nearby raiders, knocking raiders up. The spell affects up to 30 targets.

  • Vile Beam: Strikes an enemy inflicting 3000 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 8 sec that arcs to other nearby raiders. The spell affects up to 30 targets.

  • Wicked Beam: Strikes an enemy with shadow energy, burning 1000 Mana that arcs to other nearby raiders. The spell affects up to 30 targets.

Mother Shahraz will cast one of 4 different beams ever 30 seconds. These abilities are somewhat minor compared to Fatal attraction which we will cover later. The most annoying of these beams will be the Sinister Beam. This beam will knock raiders in the air. To prevent this we set ourselves up under the fish statues before the fight. With shadow resistance the beams shouldn't be anything crazy.

The main ability we must watch for is Fatal Attraction. This ability alone will be the main cause to wipes on this boss. When Fatal Attraction is cast she will teleport 3 raiders to a random location tethering them together. The 3 raiders will receive ~1500 shadow damage per second until they reach 25 yards apart breaking the tether that binds them. This is the single reason we wear shadow resistance for this fight. The best way to deal with this ability is to run in separate directions from one another. Cameras should be max distance to help with the judgement on which direction you should be running.

The last note to make about Mother Shahraz is she will have changing auras throughout the fight. These auras will decrease a damage type taken by 25% while increasing another by 25%. An example would be reducing frost damage taken by 25% and increasing fire damage taken by 25%. These rotate on a 15 second cycle. DPS should keep an eye on this to pop trinkets and other CDs if not used during a Lust.