High Warlord Naj'entus

High Warlord Naj'entus is the first boss of Black Temple and a gear check for the raid. He has a few unique mechanics that make the fight a bit of fun.

On pull everyone wants to be spread out. Roughly 6-8 yards. He will be tanked roughly between the two pillars giving everyone enough space and LoS on the boss.


  • Impaling Spine: Impales a random target stunning them for 30 sec or until freed, dealing 8000-9000 Physical damage and an additional 4950 Physical damage every 3 sec until freed.

  • Tidal Shield: Immune to damage. Naj'entus heals for 1% of maximum health every 2 sec for 30 sec.

  • Tidal Burst: Inflicts 10000 Frost damage to all enemies.

  • Needle Spine: Fires a needle spine at an enemy target, dealing 5200-7000 damage to the target and an additional 4100 to 4500 damage to nearby enemies.

  • Horseshoe Swipe: Frontal cleave hitting anyone within 10 yards in front of Naj'entus.

  • Double Attack: Attacks have a chance to cause an additional melee attack.

His number one ability will be Impaling Spine. This ability hits like a truck and can possibly kill the player in the following 3 seconds. This is where you need to keep an eye out for you fellow mates. Once a raider is hit they cannot move or cast and need the aid of a friend to come free them. To do so, simply click on the spine to free them and pick the spine up which will later be used. A large success factor to this fight is helping your friends here.

He will cast Tidal Shield sometime after an Impaling Spine. This is a 2 part ability. The initial shield makes him immune to all attacks and will need to be "Popped" by the spine someone previously looted when helping their friend (can use a macro /use Naj'entus spine). During the time Tidal Shield is up, he will heal 1% of his health every 2 seconds. Its extremely important to pop his shield ASAP. Hunters use Aimed Shot and Rogues Wound Poison to help deal with the healing.

Once it pops it will trigger the second part to this skill, Tidal Burst. This will cause insane raid wide damage. Healers have to make sure everyone is topped off before a Tidal Shield is cast. All raiders should make use of Health Pots and Healthstones to secure your survival before the shield is cast or even popped.

His last notable ability is his Needle Spine. This is the biggest reason we are spread out. He will chose a random target dealing damage to them and anyone close to them. Ranged and Healers should have no issue involving others in this ability. Melee on the other hand should separate into 2 small groups to mitigate involvement, much like Hydross.

He does have two other abilities, Horseshoe Swipe and Double Attack. The swipe shouldn't be any issue as no one should be in front of the boss within range. His Double Attack should keep healers on their toes since it will cause chunks in the tanks health at times.