Gurtogg Bloodboil

Gurtogg Bloodboil is an alternating 2 Phase fight that cycles every 90 seconds. You will need to master quick movements and coordination for this fight.

This fight will take place between the 2 water features. The Ranged and Healers will position themselves on the other side at the other water feature. They are divided into 3 groups that will later be discussed.

This fight requires 3 Tanks due to the stacking debuff, confusion and sitting out to let the debuff fall off. All 3 tanks should remain top 3 on threat and stay as close to one another on the meter as possible. Acidic Wound has a chance to be applied on each hit taken. This can get to dangerous levels over time causing the tank to take big damage. At this point the tank should call for the next tank to take threat and then proceed to sit behind Gurtogg till the stacks fall off, all while maintaining threat. The other 3rd Tank at this time is there to pick up Gurtogg if the current tank gets confused by Bewildering Strike.


Phase One

  • Bloodboil: Causes the furthest target's blood to boil, dealing 450-550 damage every 1 sec for 24 sec.

  • Acidic Wound: Attacks have a chance to inflict Acidic Wound, which inflicts Nature damage to an enemy every 3 sec. and reduces its armor by 3. Stacks up to 60 times, lasts 1 min.

  • Bewildering Strike: A powerful blow that deals damage and confuses the target for 8 sec.

  • Arcing Smash: Frontal cleave

Phase Two

  • Fel Rage: Fel Power courses through Gurtogg's veins, increasing damage dealt by 85% and gaining stacks of Fury, increasing attack speed by 8%. Gurtogg attacks other Fel Raged targets while under the affects of Fel Rage.

    • Fel Rage: Fel Power courses through your veins, increasing Health by 250% and armor by 15000 for 30 sec.

  • Fel-Acid Breath: Inflicts 5000 to 5600 Nature damage and an additional 5000 damage every 5 sec. to enemies in a cone in front of the caster. Lasts 20 sec.

  • Fel Arcing Smash: Frontal Cleave also reduces healing effects by 50% for 4 sec.

  • Fel Geyser: Gurtogg's Fel Geysers inflicts 2370 Nature damage to enemies within 18 yards of the Fel Rage target, knocking them back.

  • Insignificance: Your actions do not generate threat.

The main ability during Phase One is Bloodboil. This places a DoT on the 5 furthest targets that deals damage every second for the next 24 seconds. This Phase is very healing intensive, so be prepared to use those healthstones. To combat this ability we will create 3 groups to take the debuff in a rotation. The group taking the Bloodboil will stand in the water while the other 2 groups stands on the floor. This will present an easy line to make sure you are the furthest group. Typically the first group is Group 3, 2nd Group 4, and 3rd Group 5. At the start of the fight the first group should start by standing in the water. Every 10 seconds he will cast Bloodboil. After you get the debuff you will move forward as the next group moves back. Its best to have someone watching the Bloodboils go out to call for next group. After 60 seconds he will transition into Phase 2.

Phase Two will will start when he becomes Fel Raged and attacked another Fel Raged target. Upon doing so he will cast Fel Geyser on the raid member affected by Fel Rage causing anyone within 18 yards to take nature damage and get knocked back. Its best to spread out a few seconds before Phase Two starts. Healers be sure to focus heals on the Fel Raged target. DPS should save all CDs for this Phase. Everyone will receive a debuff called Insignificance, making all your attack to NOT generate threat. PUMP IT UP. After 30 seconds he reverts back to Phase One and the first Group to soak Bloodboil should get back into place. Rinse. Repeat. Loot.